Celebrity Shopping!

I live in LA, and as a matter of course have had a huge number of celebrity sightings, and a fair number of celebrity encounters. The name of the thread comes from what my girlfriend and I used to do on our lunch hour. We were working for a business manager (you know, the guy who takes 5% to pay the bills and reconcile the bank account. Nice work if you can get it.) in the heart of the “Golden Triangle”, on Wilshire a block west of Rodeo. So on our lunch hour we’d just cruise the neighborhood seeing who we could see.

One of my oldest friends was a pretty big star for awhile…but because she’s my friend I can’t dish about her.

I jumped off a bus once to run after Groucho Marx. I was about 14. I stood there like an idiot while his wife pointed me out. He said “Do you always accost old men on the street?”

I hung out for a brief moment in Elton John’s dressing room with Elton (see concert thread).

I hung out in Warren Beatty’s kitchen for an entire afternoon, watching him obsess over C-Span and raiding his refrigerator.

I had sex with a star…ooo…guess who. I won’t tell, so don’t bother.

Hmmm…lots of minor stuff and mere sightings, including:

Jimmy Stewart, Marlo Thomas, Sting, Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis (a huge couple, like aliens), Dennis Miller followed me around the whole summer I was doing comedy…everywhere I went, he was. I knew he was stalking me when he showed up at the Bowie concert.

Oh, I almost forgot! When I was a kid my mom was president of the Beverly Hills chapter of the NAACP. Her best friend in the world was PeeWee Davis, Sammy Davis, Jr.'s stepmother, and Daddy Sam (that’s what we called Sam Sr.) Sammy took me along with his kids to Disneyland once and it was a blast! We got the VIP treatment, going on ahead of everyone else, and we even saw that mysterious club in New Orleans Square, you know, the only place they serve booze. I slept over at his house a few times when I was a kid, rode in his lap in the car. And I was on the cover of Jet mag with my little white face in a picture taken at his grandmother’s funeral, which my family attended. (I’ve been checking e-bay for that issue.)

So…what about you guys? What celebrity scores do you all have?

(I also went to school with Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks’ wife. I ran into her on a date with him a million years ago. Went to school with Charlene Tilton, of extremely minor “Dallas” fame. We were in play production together, and she never got any good parts.)


Stoidela, thanks for the gossip. Almost as good as watching Entertainment Tonight.

We don’t come across many celebs here in the midwest. Let’s see, the day I went to the Mall of America in the Twin Cities I heard Jason Alexander (George from ‘Seinfeld’) was there, and my mom saw Donny Osmond there. I have only been to LA and NYC once. The only celebs I saw there were when I went to the Johnny Carson show.

“I had sex with a star…ooo…guess who. I won’t tell, so don’t bother.”
C’mon, share your secret! Give us some clues. What is his age range? What kind of star is he? Movie? TV?

Not much. A friend of mine used to babysit for Chevy Chase’s brother’s kids.

Oh, and for a while, my mother lived in the same apartment building as Geraldo Rivera (there goes the neighborhood :wink: ). He moved out after a few years, though.

The Cat In The Hat


When I visited my extended family back in Tennessee they were all pestering me constantly about “Seein’ stars out there in hollywood!”, and I tried to tell them it wasn’t really like that…now that I’m older I guess it kind of is. At least in the right parts of LA, the Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, the Westside. (Remembering more: Sam Kinison gave me a sweet, drunken smooch on the cheek. Very sweet guy, actually. It was at a restaurant where I worked…on the Sunset Strip.)

As for talking about who I slept with. Nope, sorry. The only thing I will say is don’t assume gender.

The internet is just too OUT THERE, ya know?

Some Teeming Millions have to have some celebrity shopping tales! Speak up!

Madonna? :wink:

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Alexandre Dumas the Younger (1824-1895)

Without going into detail, I got sloppy with a certain member of Van Halen.

Partied backstage with Bob Dylan.

I dated (still do) the lead singer of Green Day’s (Billy) cousin.

I was stalked by a WCW professional wrestler and met many of his celebrity friends and family (he is related to Hulk). He is also an actor (Stryker, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure). I met him on a flight from Washington D.C. during a layover in the Denver International. We hung out for the hour and a half (it was pretty wild) and then sat together on the flight to SLC. He was in town for a WCW performance for a few days so we went out a few times.

He continued to call me while on tour and within a few weeks he came back to Utah. He originally said that he would be staying in a local hotel for a one week break from the tour, he ended up staying for almost 6 months while semi-retired from WCW, claiming his undying love for me.

Things were cool until he started to take over my life. He became extremely possesive and jealous and was never more than a few feet away from me. He even began hanging out at my office building.

He was trying too hard to win me over. He bought me a BMW Z3, 10’s of thousands of $$$ worth of jewlry, and filled my office with hundreds of roses every day. I tried to make him stop and I gave him these things back. It took me 2 weeks, but I was able to get the car dealership to take back the Z3 (I kick my ass for that one).

He started to get out of control with his spending. He took me for a drive to meet with an attorney for some business deal. It turned out that the business deal was him purchasing a 1.5 mil mansion up in our foothills and putting it in my name.

He started to tell people we were married and that my kids were his. He began acting very strange and I would find him sitting in his truck in front of my house during all times of the night. If I got up to use the bathroom, he would accuse me of sneaking off into my room to call guys. If I tried to tell him things were over, he would fake a heartattack and we would have to make a trip to the ER, only to find out nothing was wrong.

The day he came to my office and looked at me surround by flowers and said to me “You look very beautiful surrounded by flowers, just like you will look on our wedding day.” (He TOLD me we were getting married.) Then he leans in closer and adds “. . . or at your funeral.”

The relationship turned into a “If I can’t have you, no one will” type of thing. The guy was really starting to scare me (hell, the guy is over 7 feet tall) so I told him he had to leave.

He didn’t take it well and a restraining order, phone tracers, WCW officials, and the cops watching my house, still did not stop him. Finally, with the threat of an arrest, he left state. He bothered me via telephone for almost a year. I think I still get hang-up calls from the guy.

Sorry, I don’t get it. Never could figure out what the fuss was all about.

“With enough courage, you can do without a reputation.” - Rhett Butler


Depends on your level of fuss.

But what IS the fascination with celebs? One thing I never understood was the need to get an autograph. Is it supposed to be proof? Even if I wanted one, I could never ask. I would feel like such a geek.

I have to say, the afternoon I spent at Beatty’s house, while I was outwardly very cool, my palms were dripping sweat the whole time I was there. And my palms never sweat.

Meeting celebrities is weird, it is very hard to act completely normally, because things you would say and do with any stranger you jsut met might come off very differently with a celebrity. After all, the assumption is that you already know a whole hell of a lot more about this person than they do about you, and it’s weird to act like you don’t. It’s very strange.

Besides events designed to present celebrities, I’ve seen two.
[ul][li]Sam Donaldson sitting in 1st class on a flight to Denver, IIRC.[/li][li]I saw Sandra Bullock while she was filming Forces of Nature at Dulles Airport. (Coincidentally, I saw her filming a movie about difficulties in travel while my parents were getting rerouted to another airline because of last year’s NW Airlines Strike.) I was standing near the Spanair desk, which was next to the roped-off area reserved for the film. (Strange seeing 50+ people gathered to film just 2 people.) Anyway, Ms. Bullock needed to leave the production area and walked right by me.[/ul][/li]
First impression: she is tiny! I may only have 4 1/2 inches on her, but I swear she didn’t look an ounce over 100 lbs.

Second: she wasn’t as pretty off-camera. This was probably because she had on makeup for the filming that just didn’t look right under normal lighting.

Ooooooh… watching movies being made = watching grass grow.

It is remarkable to me how it is ever accomplished. It could not possibly be more dull and slow.

I keep remembering more (like I said…I’ve had a lot). I was hanging on the set of a movie and went to go into the trailer of the person I was visiting and walked in on Timothy Hutton half dressed and Debra Winger coming out of the loo. I picked the wrong trailer. Felt exceedingly stupid.


Remember when Richard Pryor burned up? Well, it was just a few weeks after he was out of the hospital. There was a very rude joke going around at the time: light a match and make it look like it’s running. What is it? Richard Pryor running down the street. Har dee har har.

Get this: I was at the movies, it was some kinda kid movie, I was taking a friends’ kids. I’m sitting in the balcony, right at the front rail where people walk by. I tell the joke…pretty loudly (movie hasn’t started, lights are still up.) Laugh my ass off. Decide to go grab a smoke sine the movie still hasnt’ started. i’m standing there, smoking, and in the shadows someone comes and stands very close to me. A man. i’m getting a vibe, for sure. I look closer. Guess who? ACK! SO I try to be cool, I ask him how he’s doing. He looks at me really hard and says: I’m fine, I’m just fine. I mumble something and hightail it back to my seat.

His movie comes out, the one where he talks about that joke and says “Y’all didn’t think I’d heard that, did you??” Gulp. Someone told me that he told Johnny Carson he’d heard it in a movie theatre, but I don’t think so.

Man, talk about embarassing moments…

Oooh, ooh! Neat!

Well, my most recent sighting was Judy Tenuta at a swing dance club in Hollywood. She was very quiet and reserved in the restaurant with this one guy, then the rest of her party (about 10 people) showed up. She then became very loud and obnoxious, but never annoyingly so.

Also, I saw Mickey Rooney at a 50s diner in Westlake about two years ago. He was absolutely horrible. For one, he was leering at my friend and I, unashamedly looking us up and down. Nothing like an 80-year-old letch. YUCK! We went up to speak with him (my friend’s idea), and he was just an ugly, bitter, dirty old man. He looked atrocious–eyes clouded and yellow, face blotchy–time has not been kind. He went on about how he made Paramount (which, in all due respects, he did), how A&E was unkind in their biography of Judy Garland, how movies they make today are trash, how TV was stupid (“That Dr. Medicine show, with Jane Seymour…nobody watches that junk! And that Jane Seymour…she’s a bitch!” He actually said these things!), and so on. It was absolutely pathetic. I got his autograph out of pity. I’ve never wanted anyone’s sig; I’ve always found it rude. But in his case…well, I felt sorry for the old man. But…yeeesh!

Lessee…Rebe Jackson (the only member of the Jackson family not involved in music) went through my check-out line when I worked at Marshall’s. I actually got so nervous (and distracted,'cause I was peeking at her license to make sure it was her) I gave her the wrong change and had to open my register up again.

Also at Marshall’s about 10 years ago, Maureen McCormick (aka Marsha Brady) made a big mess in the children’s department–which I had just cleaned, thankyouverymuch. She was dumping anything she liked on the floor, then was going to come back for it. Not seeing her, I said out loud, “What slob did this??” Turn the corner, and there in the next aisle is Marsha smiling sheepishly and apologizing. I offered to get her a cart, but she refused.

The little girl from Jurassic Park and her mother were my last customers at a pet store I worked at in the mall about 4 years ago. She was very tall, very gawky, but also very sweet. They were looking for zebra finches–as I was an hour away going home and never coming back to this horrid place, I recommended a much better establishment for them to shop in. The finches there were all very nasty looking.

My sister saw Heather Locklear and Tommy Lee at the same mall about 10 years ago.

I saw Kelly Martin in her Life Goes On heyday (red-rimmed glasses and all) at El Torito. She was talking about 300mph with her friend, waiting outside with everyone else for their table.

I think that’s it. But I may be back! :slight_smile: I’ve also seen a movie in production (coincidentally, it was Demolition Man costarring Sandra Bullock!) and several TV shows, but I’m not counting those.

“Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”

“English? Who needs that? I’m never going to England.”

Just remember more.

A few years ago, partied at a house in Salt Lake City with Bobby Brady (Mike Lookingland). What a drunk!

When I was 16 years old and working at an amusement park, I let Ringo Starr off of the Sky Ride. I thought he was a pimp going to kidnap me and send me to Japan so I didn’t dare look at him too close. Found out a few minutes later who it was but by then he was gone.

Hung out backstage with Sammy Hagar and Cheap Trick. Me and my friends were in a bikini contest (this was 1980) at a rock festival so we got back stage passes.

Met Robert Redford at his Sundance Resort. Nice guy.


Coarse and violent nudity. Occasional language.

I deal with a lot of celebs on a business basis, but that doesn’t really count, as those aren’t accidental sightings. So, I’ll keep it to those.

I used to run into Andy Warhol a lot, I think he suspected I was stalking him. I’ve bumped into Eliz. Taylor, Drew Barrymore and Tim Robbins on the street, also the late Mrs. JFK, Jr. Liz Taylor glared at me, by the way, and Drew looked very glam and movie-starish. Oh, and Jennifer Aniston shot a scene from a film outside my house once, and it didn’t even make it into the movie!

Rusty Staub tried to pick me up in a bar while my boyfriend was in the men’s room . . .


how i someone obnoxious without being annoying? This I’d like to see.

The Mickey story stounds about right… time has certainly not been kind to that babybooy face. It sounds pretty damn creepy…(shiver)

Hmmm. Stoidela said she was doing comedy . . . she said not to assume gender . . . she said this person used to be famous.

I’m guessing Sandra Bernhard or Ellen DeGeneres (though Ellen is not as strong a guess 'cause she’s still pretty big).


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I worked tech support & customer service for a (now defunct) home grocery delivery company. I once got a call from Scott Baio complaining about receiving canned beer instead of bottled.

As the call only lasted 13 minutes, I figure I have 2 minutes left :slight_smile:

Sandra Bernhard used to do comedy, and supposedly had an affair with Madonna–Stoidela, are you Sandra? If so, I have a bone to pick about one of your old routines . . .

I’ve seen Jason Alexander, Matt Dillon, Tracy Chapman, Natalie Merchant. Saw Ethan Hawke at a bar (The Resevoir) watching hockey. His anonymous friend was way cuter. I’ve seen Ethan and his wife, Uma, and their baby on the street. In real life, the parents look like heroin addicts. Saw Anthrax at a rest stop in the middle of Ohio. My friends and I couldn’t help but yell, “Metallica RULES!” They were pretty mad.

Ruh-oh. If Stoidela is Sandra I’ve got some big time back-pedaling to do about the Ellen DeGeneres is still big. :o

Well, Judy was loud and obnoxious with her particular group of friends; however, she wasn’t so obnoxious that it disturbed other people at the place (that I could tell). She was silly on the dance floor, but not “HEY, EVERYONE WATCH ME!” kind of silly. She may have been annoying to her group of friends, but not others. (Doubtful that she annoyed them, though–my pals and I spent the evening mocking the stereotypical Young Hollywood wannabes that hung out with her, and sucked up to her, all night.)