Celebrity Survival Game

A more positive game based on the Celebrity Death Game.

This game basically lists celebrities whom you think will survive to 2030. (NOTE; for the rules I’ve copied and pasted from the Death Game, apologies to the thread starter for not asking immediate approval).

The Rules:

  1. You pick 13 celebrities (that’s thirteen, not ten) whom you predict will survive until the year 2020. For each year one of your celebrities survives you will get five points along with their age at that year plus these bonus points.

Age at 2009:

80- 20 Points
65-79 15 points
49-64 6 points
30-48 4 points
Under 29 2 points

For each celebrity that dies you will lose 5 points along with the number of points in this chart:

Age of Death:

80- 1 point
65-79 2 points
49-64 3 points
30-48 4 points
Under 29 5 points

Once the year 2020 is reached (a long time I know but it’s faster then you think) I will determine the winners by the number of points each participant has.

  1. All picks must be time- and date-stamped by six P.M. Los Angeles time, Dec. 31st, 2009. (That’s U.S. Pacific time, which is eight hours behind Greenwich.)

  2. Valid picks are not:

a. already dead
b. a fictional character
c. non-human
d. Under twenty-five currently
e. a registered member of the SDMB, 'cause that would be weird

  1. If we are uncertain about the celebrity’s age at death, we will go by the lowerage (lower score).

  2. Your picks must specify a name: listing “anybody from [the cast of your most hated TV show or boy band]” as a pick will be ignored.

  3. Any poster who save the life or extends the life of a celebrity will still have their points counted.

  4. Editing your choices: be careful! You can make changes to your list before the end of the year, but it has to be clear which names are your final choices. You may submit one or more “alternates” with your list in the event that one of your picks dies during September through December 2009, or submit an alternate after the death of the original pick, as long as this is posted by Dec 31, 2009. If you do not submit a name, I will submit the rest. You can have no more than 13 picks. If you pick more than 13, or if any of your picks is otherwise invalid, I may ask for clarification. Otherwise, I will submit the first 13 names on your list. Do me a favor: check twice, post once.

We have no rule about submissions having to be unique, despite claims of “copying” anyone else’s list. We will just turn up our noses at you if you do this. Sharing news of celebrities in ill health and whatnot is up to individual posters.

We have no rule about valid SDMB memberships (disqualifying members who have been banned). If you submit a list and then change your username at some point, please post this news on the thread so I know who you are.

We have no rule about what constitutes “celebrity,” because it makes our heads hurt to think about this.

Spelling counts! Please try to spell celebrities’ names correctly.

Some celebrities have common, identical or similar names. It is helpful to be specific.

Additional awards:

The “Inside Track With the Grim Reaper” Award: to be awarded to the poster or posters who had the most unique picks that lived.

List Format

Numbered list in alphabetical order by last name and by their formal names (ie Barack Hussein Obama II)

However, I know that many of you like to include commentary within your lists, such as:

George “the younger” Bush
Yogi Berra, baseballer/malaproper, age 81 (82 in May 2007)- because it ain’t over till it’s over.

That is fine - it adds to the entertainment. But if you do that, please also include the list again in plain format for me to copy & paste.

Have fun.

I’m not really seeing the reason for something this close to the Celebrity Death Pool to run for the next 11 years in the GR. We do allow almost all kinds of games to be run here, but this one is just redundant. Also, you should have cleared it with amarone before nicking his/her OP.

All in all, I’m going to lock this.