Celebs who refuse to simply disappear and die

Just when you thought it was safe to turn your TV back on …

Game Show Convention Center reports the upcoming return of Kato Kaelin, among others we thought were safely gone, to the small screen. He’s going to get screamed at while he does pushups in the sand, and, if he survives that, he gets to play Russian Roulette.

Remember, if you have a pickup softball game a the park, chances are even that Coolio will show up and want to play. I think it’s the wrath of Al that’s causing all this.

Axl Rose, Anna Nicole Smith,

Regis Philman.

The bastard who brought reality tv into… well a reality.

Seeing the OP, Kato popped instantly to mind, especially since he has filmed the pilot to “Houseguest,” the reality show that sounds like parody but isn’t.

Mr. T appears on a “Wisconsin Title Loan” ad, IIRC, where you put up your car’s pink slip for some cash and an extremely high interest rate.

Dr. Joyce Brothers. The longest 15 minutes of fame in history.

Carrot Top.

That fella annoys me thoroughly.

PLEASE…just go away. You’re NOT funny.

Terri Hatcher in those horrific Radio Shack commercials. I want to smack her every time one of those is on.

Elizabeth Taylor and her pedo friend Michael Jackson.