Celestine Prophecy is true

Cecil seems to think author James Redfield’s book the Celestine Prophecy (here after CP) is fiction. Not so this book is really the allegorical story of the life of Pierre Teilhard and his science-spiritual philosophy which is destined to be the major science-religious knowledge and faith of the third millennium. And this science-spiritually is starting from the bottom up, that is the support for this new science is from the average person. CP means “noosphere omega” and this idea will sweep aside the skeptic scientist in to history’s dustbin it’s allready started and will not stop until all forms of intellectual thought bow before it’s supremacy. That’s what the Celestine Prophecy is all about. And no man can stop the tide of history. Redfield wrote the CP as fact but the story didn’t “flow” so he changed it to allegory and the book sold in historical numbers and has not stopped selling and will not stop selling for the next 1000 years!! All naysayers please step aside. Now there are some dramas in the writing of CP that need to be cleared up, as Redfield says when you show a person their drama they will drop it. First of all Pierre Teilhard’s estate is entitled to half of all the profit’s that Time-Warner and James Redfield have made on Teilhard’s life and philosophy that’s only fair because James Redfield had read that Pierre Teilhard was the most admired thinker only his ideas were hard to understand so Redfield wrote Teilhard in allegory and called it “new age” Time-Warner came along and sensing there would be a possible spiritual plagiarism charge changed the book to “new age fiction” but to be sure Time-Warner made James Redfield co-write a factual workbook and cited Teilhard as “one” of the sources on the ideas in CP when in fact the Celestine Prophecy is mainly the science and spiritually of Pierre Teilhard You see what this boils down to is spiritual fraud commited by James Redfield and Time-Warner in using Pierre Teilhard’s ideas and not only not giving credit but in making it look like Pierre Teilhard was writing fiction thereby damaging humankind’s accessibility (short term) to Teilhard’s science-spiritually if “authorities” are allowed to call the story fiction. People like Jay Gould who has a axe to grind because of psychological problems. So what to do ? Give half the profits to Teilhard reinterment to France the remains of Teilhard and a formal apology to the world by James Redfield and Time-Warner for their deception. Facts from Celestine Prophecy the title means Noosphere Omega. the manuscripts are Teilhards manuscripts as he was not allowed to publish his writings by order of the Vatican. the peruvian catholic church in CP is really the Vatican catholic church. searching the ruins in CP is Teilhard as a scientist looking for the ‘missing-link’ of humankind, which Teilhard found called Peking Man this is scientific fact. the coincidences in CP come from Ira Progoff who said that made Teilhard science and spiritually complete it’s also Karl Jung’s term synchronicity. smoking guns redfield stated in the preface to his workbook that "He(redfield) was forced to write the workbook guide to Celestine Prophecy that’s prima facie evidence that redfield was not going to give credit to any source to the writing of CP. It was over two years later when Time-Warner bought in that redfield was “made” to write a workbook citing Teilhard as one of the sources of CP
in CP redfield states it’s the evolution idea the church doesn’t like that what the Vatican didnt’accept in Teilhard’s spiritually. The love energy in CP is Teilhard’s radial energy based on love, as Wayne W.Dyer in his book page states "Pierre Teilhard de Chardin speaks of love and energy as being interconnected. There are hundreds of Teilhards ideas in Celestine Prophecy all you do is have to look

Well, I’m convinced.

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From James Redfields website

It was a made up story.

willaust, I know Teilhard de Chardin. Teilhard de Chardin was a friend of mind. Redfield is no Teilhard de Chardin.

Pierre (to his friends) would spin in his grave if he knew some New-Age, Aura-Reading Astrologer was ‘popularizing’ (and popularizing poorly, for that matter) his overtly Christian eschatology[sup]*[/sup] repackaged in New Age pap.

Peace of the Cosmic Christ[sup]**[/sup] be with you.

[sup]*Christ is realized in evolution.[/sup]

[sup]**Christo Pantocrator for you traditionalists.[/sup]

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Why is it that the kookier the crackpot, the less likely they are to adhere to aesthetic standards of sentence demarcation and paragraph use?

No, Jay Gould had facial neuralgia and tuberculosis. But that didn’t keep him from being one of the top financiers of the 19th century! Teilhard de Chardin didn’t leave $75 million to his family. So there.

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I think it’s more likely he thought it was hooey.

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