Cell carrier loss when tower fails

Does anyone know how much money a carrier loses when a cell tower is down? As an example, let’s use a population of 100,000 cell phone users and the back up power fails.

Probably very little.
After all, what percentage of their customers are paying by the minute?
Also, most areas have overlapping coverage, so the loss of a single cell tower isn’t catastrophic.

You’re not going to have that many users on a single cell. Each tower has a range of a few miles at best, but in a dense population area what you’ll find is that they have towers spaced much more closely together so that the load on each tower is going to be maybe 1,000 users at most. If you lose a tower, a nearby tower will pick up the load in most cases. If you are in a sparsely populated area than maybe the nearest tower will be too far away to pick up the dropped phones, but in those areas the towers aren’t likely to have as many users on them so the number of phones dropped will be fairly small.

Even if you did manage to take out an entire city’s worth of towers, you’ve still got the issue that most folks aren’t charged by the minute, as beowulff mentioned.

So yeah, I agree. They probably won’t lose much.