Cell or PCS panic button?

Quick question: My grandfather would like to have an easy way of contacting family members in case of crisis. He’s a big man (think native Okie football player), and the tip of his index finger easily covers and presses up to four buttons at a time on most wireless phones.

I’m fairly sure there is some sort of device out there that would let him just mash a big button and send to whatever phone number was programmed into it.

As my google skills aren’t up to it, could anyone here point me in the right direction?

Many thanks in advance…

If finger-size is the problem, have him use the eraser end of a pencil, or a Q-tip. Most cell phones can be programmed for “one-key speed dial”, so he only needs to press one button.

At my age, the eyesight is the limiting factor, I just can’t read the buttons !

Or you could program the “emergency” number into each of the ten digit keys, so it would get dialed no matter what button he pressed!

Thanks, bradwalt, but I was thinking more along the lines of the “fell down, broke pelvis, lost glasses, in a ditch, during a storm” sorta crisis.


Many cell phones have voice dialing, he would only have to press one button (usually located away from the others) and say a name.

Is there a rule about bumping your own OP?

Any regular cellphone solution is not what I was looking for. I should have started off with “Help My Grandfather” as the title, methinks…

Thanks, Mr2001, but I’m really looking for something more foolproof than voice recognition., ya know?

If there is no such thing, then I’m gonna patent the sucker: Nearly helpless person pushes big red button, unit dials up family member for help. How hard is that? No GPS, just an alert.

They have things just for old people slipping and falling. It is activated by a push of the button or a fall (shock?). When activated it calls a central station which can alert you, or others (911).

I don’t remember the name but it’s something like medic alert.

I think it plugs into a standard phone line and has a wearable wireless piece, but they might have a cellular version.