Cell phone accident would stimulate schadenfreude, but...

…the young woman who was driving didn’t survive to learn anything from the experience.

Woman talking on cellphone crashes into Cingular outlet.

“Ohmygod, Jessica! I’m like, so about to be in an accident!”

From another article:


Simpson! Homer Simpson!
He’s the greatest guy in his-tor-eeee!
From the! Town of Springfield!
He’s about to hit a chestnut tree!!

D’oh! Smash!!


But was her phone plan from Cingular? If so that would make it so ironic.

Had she been a Cingular customer and an SUV driver, I could make a comment about rollover minutes.

Can Cingular sue themsleves for damages to their store then?

Assuming, of course, that they are the provider.

Can you steer me now?



Good movie honey, yapping on your phone while driving with no seatbelt on.


Where does it say that she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt?

Oh, sorry, didn’t read that article. My bad!

I was very, very nearly killed by a 17 yr old girl gabbing away on her cell phone as she turned left directly in front of me on my motorcycle. I figure had she gotten another 6 inchs further, I would be have hit the A piller instead of going over the hood, and I would be dead.

Totaled the only new motorcycle I ever bought, an 1985.5 Yamaha RZ 350 NCII.

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!

What the…?

How do you dedicate mental energy to describing the developing situation to someone on the phone, but not apply the brake? I don’t drive-- does this make any more sense to people who do?

Well that pop-psychological crap says that women prefer to communicate about a problem and men prefer to act to solve the problem. So maybe she was waiting for for her friend to acknowldege and sympathise about the situation before moving on to the acting phase.

I had a co-worker who almost got into an accident like this (never even touched the brakes), but was lucky to have a passenger resourceful enough to bring the car under control without hitting anything (and even luckier that said passenger then refrained from beating the ever-loving crap out of her for being such an idiot). Basically, her problem was that she would completely freeze up once any situation demanded quicker thinking than her 5-watt brain could handle. When she went around a corner too fast and the car started to go out of control, she just threw her hands over her face and started laughing hysterically.

None of us ever let her do the driving after that incident.

You know, Sublight, the “eek” smiley wouldn’t even come close to conveying the sort of effect on my jaw’s proximity-to-lap index that your anecdote just created.

(I was still grinning from wolfman’s post, too-- I’m sure it looked comical.)

after the first near miss while talking on my cell, I stopped talking and driving.

I always wear my seat belt, but then I live in a mandatory seatbelt state. IIRC, Mass does not ahve seatbelt laws. been a whiel since I lived there, so it may have changed, have to ask the rents. but you do have ot wonder about the mental levels of someone who cna tell the person they are talking to that they are about to have an accident, but not do anythign to stop it.

She was studying to be an EMT…but talking on her phone while driving, and NOT wearing a seatbelt???


Yikes. I think there’s an instant fine for talking on your cellphone and driving, in NZ. (Tho’ this may only exist if you’re driving on the motorway). However I don’t think it’s ever enforced.


“Emergency Medical Technician” – a paramedic.