Cell Phone Jammer: Your Opinion?

I saw this little gadget online today, didn’t even know they existed:


What are your thoughts on using something like this? I admit I’d love to have one to smite the assholes in the movie theatre that either forget to turn the phone off or don’t care enough to respect other people’s viewing pleasure.

Oh sweet justice. I’m getting one. Thanks.

Well, a part of me really likes the idea but I predict that if these become widespread that a lawsuit will come along pretty darn fast (i.e. Uncle dipshit died because his cell phone was jammed at the movies and he couldn’t call for help, or the cellular service providers suing because their service is being disrupted).

Using such a device is illegal in the US, the UK, Canada and many other countries.

I read the OP as asking about our thoughts on using something like this, not the legal status of such a device.

Ok, my thought on using this is that since they’re illegal, they shouldn’t be used. Better?

I just went to go order one and realized that it costs over $300 US dollars with shipping :eek: Anybody know of similar ones that cost less (say under $150)? I did a quick google search but couldn’t find much. All of the manufacturers are foreign obviously. I don’t really give a rat’s ass about the law. I have done so many illegal things and have so many illegal products that, if I ever get caught, I will try to get the bulk rate on the penalty. I think it is a great idea as long as I have one and nobody else does.

Ah, I didn’t realize that, should I ask someone to remove the thread?

Here is what they say about sales in the UK. Not strictly illegal, but you have to be licensed:

Note for UK customers: Cell phone jamming equipment is illegal to use in the UK as it violates sections 1 & 13 of the 1949 telegraphy act, we are therefore unable to supply cell phone jammers to any UK customer who does not hold a valid licence issued by the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom). Please note that no exceptions can be made on this policy.

<tinfoil hat=on>

  1. Use of cell phone jammers picks up, despite their illegality.
  2. Feds begin polite ad campaign that jammers are illegal.
  3. People ignore Feds.
  4. Feds determine cell phone jammers are a threat to national security under USA Patriot Act. Anyone caught using a cell phone jammer is deemed to be a terrorist.
  5. Feds deploy jammer detection vans throughout America, finding untold numbers of terrorists across the country.
  6. Arrests skyrocket.
  7. Ashcroft determines there is a nation-wide widespread terrorist cell phone conspiracy and orders cell phone networks shut down.
  8. Orders for landline phones skyrocket as the public is unable to communicate, play games, etc. Parents of teenage girls report huge upswing in depression and suicide attempts as girls are unable to chat endlessly on cell phones about absolutely nothing.
  9. Traffic accidents decrease sharply as soccer moms actually drive their SUVs without being distracted while talking on cell phones at the same time.
  10. Businessmen fail in making last-minute deals causing stock market to crash.
  11. The price of baked beans skyrockets as people buy up tin cans and hoard string to rebuild personal communications networks.
  12. Excessive consumption of baked beans causes farts in the wind to change world climatic conditions.

</tinfoil hat>


Of course then you have the Cellular Phone Jammer Detector.

It’s like Spy vs Spy.

Does anyone know where I can get a cellular phone jammer detector detector?

To hell with that, I want a cellular phone jammer detector jammer.

Are they illegal for everyone or just private individuals?

I ask because one of our interns told us they have some cell phone/pager jamming system in place at their university. Apparently some students were caught text messaging test answers to each other, so this system was put in place. Would kind of stink for the university to get caught breaking the law.

I think it’s a horrible idea, regardless of the legality. Bear in mind that there are people out there who need access to their phone/pager almost 24/7, like transplant sugeons, detectives, and other things of that nature. You can never know if someone who really needs their phone is in range of your jammer, so it’s a really bad idea to assume that no one in that theater could possibly need their phone on and receiving a signal for a legitimate reason.

True, but that is really for me to decide on a case-by-case basis now isn’t it?

Gee… how did they all survive without cell phones 25 years ago?


Cellphones have replaced older methods of emergency response by people on call. Deal with it.

No, it isn’t. It’s not like the jammer is selective. You can’t just set the thing to “Asshole” mode and then not have to worry about folks who might be expecting an urgent call.

From the phonejammer sales page:

Hardly seems worth it for 300 bucks, apart from all the other issues.