Cell phone pop corn popper.

Is your microwave out of order? Are you absolutely in the mood for some popcorn? Do you have some friends with cell phones available? Apparently, cell phones can emit microwaves at a high enough power to pop a few kernels of popcorn as a couple of groups of people demonstrate.

I don’t know if these videos are real or staged, but it certainly is a very interesting party trick.

Video is safe for work, no worries.

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I thought that video was proven to be faked?

Neither cell phones nor popcorn work this way.

It’s a hoax.


It’s a fake. It’s part of a viral advertising campaign by a company named Cardo Systems, who produces Bluetooth headsets. The idea is that the company would scare you into buying their Bluetooth headsets so that you could avoid the dangerous radio waves coming from your phone.

The original videos were done with simple editing. They didn’t actually pop the corn. They simply dropped popped kernels of corn into frame at the appropriate moment, then went back later and digitally removed the unpopped kernels from the video.

For a while, Cardo was spamming every blog, message board, or anything else it could find on the internet to promote these fake videos. Why anyone would ever buy anything at all from these lying scumbags is beyond me. Before all of this, I had never heard of Cardo. Now I intentionally avoid anything they make. They’ve proven that they have absolutely no morals whatsoever.

Cell phones do put out microwaves, but they are in such small amounts that they can’t pop corn or do you harm. Some British show surrounded popcorn with something like a hundred cell phones and didn’t even make the popcorn warm.


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No, I figured it was probably staged. I knew that the frequencies put out by cell phones aren’t harmful. I just found it to be an amusing video, but I figured they were feeding into the paranoia that some people have about cell phones. It certainly hasn’t put me off using mine.

[minor nitpick]

It’s not the frequencies that aren’t harmful, it’s the power level. The frequencies are pretty close to what your microwave oven uses. In large enough amounts, they can cause you some nasty burns.

The power level of a cell phone is so low though that you’ll heat up a corn kernel more by having a human being sit next to it than you will by having a cell phone placed next to it.

[/minor nitpick]