Cell phone reviews

Does anyone have know of a good place for reviews of cell phones? Specifically Verizon phones. I am interested in knowing how good the reception is and how well the bluetooth works. I am not that happy with the bluetooth on my current phone as it has a fair amount of static if I have the phone in my pocket when using the headset.

My favorite site for electronic gadget reviews is Cnet.

Other sites are:


Googling “cell phone reviews” will give you many more.

Once you find a phone you may want to get, also check out the reviews for it on Amazon and Epinions.

Cnet and letstalk had good reviews. They looked at call quality and bluetooth quality.


When you read the reviews, make sure the review is for the Verizon version of the phone. They often put thier own GUI on the phones, and do stuff to really piss you off…like (since you mentioned it) crippling the Bluetooth data transfers for example. (I have first hand experience with this with both a Palm Treo, and an LG phone)


What ever phone your interested in , this forum should have the good the bad and the ugly , with having to do with verizon.

hofo verizon


Phone Dog is also very good.