Cell phone touch tone dialer sounds app?

Hi, once upon a time there was a breed of cell phones that were created in a format called “Flip phones”. Flip phones ruled the market along side Bar style phones and even Sliders. Most phones might I add, had batteries in them that could last for days on stand-by. During this period of cell phone history you bought a phone for the feature set it listed and had to be happy with it’s specs until technology moved forward again.

In that time period as a phone owner I had a Sony Ericsson flip phone which was great at just about everything except taking pictures and surfing the web. One of the rather simple nuances it had was the sound effect that sounds something like a mouse click when you dial phone numbers to audibly confirm you indeed hit a button.

As part of the smart phone world now I thought customized sounds were old news and yet I’m unable to find a real answer anywhere, thus the history lesson.

I like my “new” phone, it took allot of extra money to protect it and make the battery last, but it has grown on me long enough that I see the convenience of owning a smart phone.

The one annoying feature is the phone dialer sounds. No matter how low I make the volume (other than vibrate) the touch tone sounds when I’m dialing a number come out at full blast making people look at me when I’m trying to call someone.

After some research all I’ve come across is how to turn the sound off completely, but that’s not what I’m trying to accomplish. I want to either to lower volume for the sound effect or even better REPLACE that junk with something more comfortable for me.

I know how old I come off sounding in this question, but why is it I can replace my ringtone to anything I want, but when I touch buttons to call somebody I’m stuck with what the OEM has there? I have a HTC AMAZE 4G, somebody tell me my phone is smart enough and it’s a problem with where I’m looking… please?

Is there not an app to replace phone button sounds?

I don’t think you’re going to be able to do exactly that without rooting the phone and replacing the sounds in the ROM.

But you might be able to find an alternative dialler app that is customisable in the way you want - one of these, perhaps:

Would you think a different launcher might do the trick? It’s such a ridiculous situation that I might just root the phone and do as you suggest MT.

I don’t think a launcher will do that - launchers typically only change the desktop-type UI, but I’d imagine one of those diallers might have custom sounds (I don’t have an Android phone any more, so I can’t test them for you)

Rooting the phone should be a last resort and I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you’re already into that sort of thing.

ExDialer is an alternative dialer that lets you change the touch tone volume with the volume keys. It’s also excellent in its own right, especially if you like T9 dialing (using the phone alphabet to choose a contact, like 323 for Dad or 762378 for Robert.

If you have Android KitKat (I’m not sure what Thinktank’s phone is running), the stock dialer can be set to do that. Of course, there’s stock Android, and then there’s whatever crazy version comes with any particular company’s android phone.

Nah Ragu, thanks but I was lucky to get the ICS update on this, not that it’s features are poor it’s just that with cell phones, it’s a money business and Android isn’t Windows so it’s nothing familiar enough for people to take a chance with changing unless they get an extra phone, which may happen soon enough when phone tech gets even cheaper and people just want the latest features.

Motorola has some pretty cheap off-contract phones, and they run pretty close to stock android to boot. Maybe not a short-term fix, but something to look at whenever you replace your phone.

Not sure what you mean, but Android is super flexible and lots of folks mod it, with or without rooting.

As I mentioned above, you can change the entire dialer with an app, no rooting or OS update needed.

Android has a native function that allows you to mute the dialing sounds. In 4.2+ it’s settings > sound > dial pad touch tones.

ETA: I see you were already aware of this. :smack: