Cellular advertising idea proposal: How can I profit?

Hello all! New guy here with some itching questions on businesses and advertising. I’m hoping someone with some more experience or perhaps some insider information can weight in here.

I’m now working in the marketing department of a local paper. I have eight years of experience in cellular sales and marketing.

I’ve developed a new concept on how to provide advertising venues through cellular phones without burdening customers with junk mail or excess texts. I would like to know how and who to propse this idea to without having my idea stolen and how to benefit from it personally.

If there’s anymore information required to help me with this question, please chime in and I’ll get right back to you.

I honestly don’t think it can be done, unless your company is Google and your phone and service are free. Otherwise, people who pay for their service don’t want to see advertising on their phone. And if your way is slick compared to the rest, how could you go about it without showing adds on the screen, text, or vmx? And if it’s hidden as well as you say, who’s going to seek it? Not I.