Celtic art?

Okay…got a question for the Teeming Millions. Having finally worked up the courage to get a tattoo, I now need to find a design. I know I want to get something Celtic, but nothing more specific than that.

Anyone know of some good Celtic Art sites I could look at?? Thanks!!

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Here are some sites you could try:
Celtic Art and Culture
The Book of Kells
Celtic Art
Celtic Art - Culbreath
Paul’s Celtic Art
World of Celtic Art
The Celtic Lady
Celtic Clip Art

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Aw, jeez, am I gonna be the last tattoo-less person left in the world?

Here’s another site (mostly web page stuff, though):

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I promise.

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I’ve never liked tattoos, either on me or other people. Not that I dislike them, but I do know that, as an artist, I’d want something damn good if at all, otherwise I’d get bored with it in a month.

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