Does anyone know any internet sources, electronic library resources, or just information in general that I could use to fuel an argument against censorship? I kind of got in a little argument with someone about and they want hard evidence to convince them of my point. I’ve got some stuff so far, but I know there’s got to be some good stuff out there.

The Electronic Freedom Foundation might be a good place to look. People would have an easier time helping you if you were to describe the specifics of your argument–what exactly you’re trying to prove, points made against your claim, etc.

How about the case of William Harvey, who was convicted of “disorderly conduct” for nothing more than exercising his right of free speech on the street? What is happening to the First Amendment?

The American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom has a wealth of anti-censorship resources on their site. Librarians have, more than anyone else, been in the front lines of defending intellectual freedom against censorship. You’ll find plenty of material there to work with.

correcting myself…

Harvey hasn’t been convicted yet, his trial is about to come up. The judge has denied his move to dismiss. The judge apparently thinks First Amendment freedoms do not apply to unpopular speech. Is this the America, Land of the Free, that I was raised to believe in?

More on the case:
Silencing dissent near Ground Zero

Holy cow!

I’m guessing the judge isn’t a direct descendent of Voltaire.

In addition to the excellent links mentioned previously, this is sort of a catch-all site for censorship related sites.