Census gorms...idiotic govt.

So. have not received my census forms yet. Have no idea when they should arrive or what the deadline is so I googled and got a link with a telephone number to call if haven’t received them.

I called and got one of those fun voice activated programs. Got choice to say “have not received forms” and the next question was about the census number. It said that number is on top of the census form. Asked if I had the number or not and when I replied “No” the next message was that they could not send the forms if I did not have the number.

Wow Catch-22.

Anybody know what the deadline is? And how to notify the stupid guvment that I did not get tham?

Yup, that Catch-22, that’s some Catch. One of the best. :slight_smile:

Type your zip code in here.

You could always try this option (from the Census Bureau FAQ):

So you might trying checking at your local library or city hall or suchlike.

Don’t worry, Geoff, if you don’t send a form, they will surely track your ass down in person.

I got a note that I’d be getting the form, followed by the form, followed by another note that I should’ve gotten my form and please fill it out. Geezuz pleezus, enough! I returned it already!

I’m waiting for another nag gram to let me know that I should’ve received a nag gram about the form that I should really really fill out.

Thanks garygnu but when I typed in my ZIP code I got the following message: “Your search for xxxxx did not produce any results.”(i really typed in my real code not xxxxx). I am beginning to believe that they don’t want my info. That’s fine with me.

MikeS I am in trouble as don’t speak any of those languages just Inuit.

And Crotalus that really does worry me. :smiley:

Is “gorm” pronounced like “form” or “worm”?


Maybe a moderator should fix the typo before we get more stupid jokes like this:D

I’d assume that gorms are what gormless people lack. It sounds like the OP thinks that the census people are gormless, so there are actually no census gorms.

High Sonoran Desert isn’t in Canada, is it?

Just checking…

Not yet, but after the big earthquake, who knows? Right now it is in Arizona.

Just to be pedantic, for those who don’t know, the Sonoran Desert is in AZ, part of Mexico and a smidgen of Calif. Unique desert, very lush with loads of vegetation. And the only place the saguaro grows…that huge cactus.

Yes, if some kind moderator will change the title, I would appreciate it. I looked up “gorm” and it very interesting, but not what i meant. Even the Census Bureau does not know what it is.

Are you anywhere near Gila Bend?

No, that is waaay southwest of me. We live north of the Phoenix area.

Got to tell a Gila Bend joke. Two guys were driving there, and the passenger asked, “How much longer until we get to Gila (hard G) Bend?”

The driver replied, “You pronounce that Hila Bend.” (which, of course, is true.)

They argued about this until they got there, and decided to ask somebody the proper way to pronounce it. They pulled into a gas station and when the attendant came out, he was asked, “How do you pronounce this place?”

The attendant looked puzzled, and finally answered, “Tex-a-co.”

If you happen to live in Pinal County, AZ, I noticed that typing in the old zip codes (for example, 85219) worked but the new zip codes (85119) had no results. If your zip code recently changed as those in Pinal County did, try the old one… it doesn’t seem to be updated.

The deadline is April 1st according to the form I got, so I think you can relax.

What idiot chose April Fools Day?

At your age I would ring and ask for “F” for fossils. Same as I will do shortly :slight_smile: