Centennial Anxiety

So I’m coming up on my 100th post. And of course I’m thinking it has to be something really special. But what should it be?
[li]A momentous Great Debate topic? Nah, don’t have it in me right now. The only one I was thinking about starting doesn’t seem appropriate right now.[/li][li]A Pit rant. Well, fortunately, I guess, there is nothing in my life right now for which I can work up much bile. (That dumbass on the bus who said, re bin Laden ,“Well if they didn’t do it, why are they still hiding?”? Hardly worth the effort.)[/li][li]A great piece of literature? Well, I might attempt, but after reading Scylla’s sheep serial, I feel so inadequate…[/li][li]A “Look at me, it’s my 100th post!” self-congratulation thread? Ah…no.[/li][/ul]
So you know what?
Fuck it.

I’m gonna go over to Cafe Society or somewhere and waste it on some completely trivial bit of pop culture commentary.

Maybe by 500, I’ll have come up with something sufficiently earth-shaking.