Central heating is a great invention

…And you really notice it when it’s gone and in the single digits outside!

Luckily, I had it fixed before I came home to a couple of catsicles.

Yikes! hope your pipes didnt freeze!

On the other hand, a fireplace is a grate invention.

you’re just blowing smoke.

Heh. This morning I woke up, freezing, went downstairs. It was 45 degrees because the front door blew open (someone forgot to lock it…) and I literally had to shovel snow in my living room. At 6 AM. And clean up the wastebasket that overturned… There was a glass of something frozen solid on the end table near the door.

Yeah, central heating is great.

We also know this from its loss. We wound up just getting space heaters. And that would honestly be fine if they didn’t all seem to be made so poorly that they poop out in a year if you ever need to use them on high. I don’t get why you’d design something so that regular use could cause it to overheat.