Central New York Summer Dopefest: Anyone?

This summer, I was wondering if any upstate New Yorkers would be into a Dopefest. I’m circa Binghamton/Ithaca, so of course I favor that area as our meeting place, but I’m flexible. I’ve been to Rochester and Syracuse, could easily get to Cortland, Corning or Elmira and all points therein. Anywhere on the Finger Lakes is also doable. I’d invite you all to my house, but my house, unfortunately, is a one bedroom apartment in a dead end CNY town…enough said.

We could get together for dinner , or perhaps some other exciting activity? The Grassroots Festival in Trumansburg 7/17-20 is supposed to be a blast, and you could camp if you wanted to:

but I understand if it’s not for everybody. I’m open to all kindsa suggestions.

I’m totally free starting June 27, barring the last week in July and the weekend of 8/22, so suggestions about dates would be welcome.

South of heaven, eh? Does it smell like rain & hills?

I’m not planning to be in Ithaca/Trumansburg this summer (parents still live there, so I’m home from time to time), so no FL dopefest for me, but I thought bump the thread.

Elwood Cuse is in Syra-, and Little Nemo in Rochester. Duke is in Niagara County in the far northwest corner. clayton_h is up in the Eastern Adirondacks somewhere. I don’t think Funnee Farmer posts any more, but he was in the Cooperstown area, in rural Otsego County.

And I know I’m missing a bunch of people.

I will probably be driving north sometime in August, but there’s nothing definite in the works yet. If your plans coincide with my trip to Watertown, I could definitely make it.

Hey, don’t forget about me. Too late for the Grassroots Festival, but I’m certainly up for something in the next couple of weeks.

Any of you guys heard of Musefest? It’s a free three day music and art festival from August 29-31 in Ithaca. You can download a ticket from

I will be there. If people aren’t up for that, I am free and around except for August 22-25. I can’t travel too far, but could easily get to Elmira, Rochester, or Syracuse for a day.