Central Texas Dopers: Great places to live between Austin and Hutto?

I’m yet another victim of the brain drain in the Rust Belt, who is going to be moving to the Austin area. My job will be located in Hutto. I like Hutto a lot, but as a single Generation X-er who is used to a more urban environment, I don’t think I’d be at home there until more of the proposed new urbanist developments come online. I see myself spending a bit of time in downtown Austin, and the neighborhoods surrounding it. I’m also Jewish, and although I don’t necessarily have to live in a Jewish neighborhood, I don’t want to drive an hour to the nearest synagogue, either.

So, what areas would you recommend that would be about 25 minutes from central Hutto tops, yet still convenient to central Austin? I know Round Rock is doable, and maybe Wells Branch. How about the Arboretum area, or something closer to the MoPac? A nearby dog park would be a big plus.

For the next couple of years, I’ll be in an apartment. I’m going to be renting out my old house, and I need to save up again for a down payment.

Reading previous “Tell me about Austin” threads, I found that some really weren’t that friendly to prospective new residents, posting snide, snarky comments without smilies. For those Austinites that aren’t welcoming of newcomers, too bad. I’m unemployed, and the first job offer I got since I was laid off was in your wonderful neck of the woods. If it helps, I’m liberal and maybe a bit weird. I’ve been to Austin before, the area really clicked well with me, and I’d be foolish to refuse an opportunity to relocate there.

Hey elmwood, pre-welcome to Texas!
I’m a lifelong Texan and have no idea what a Hutto is. Something close to that, sure. :rolleyes: Bad one.

Not surprised at the attitudes you encountered from Austinites. Some can be pretty pretentious. It’s turning into a central Texas Dallas.
Where is Hutto?

I haven’t lived in Austin for 10 years, but I’ve been to Hutto. I have no idea why. There’s a cool old bar in Rice’s Crossing. Or was.

Anyway, Google Maps tells me that its roughly half an hour to the corner of 51st and Airport from central Hutto, so you could live in that neighborhood and be pretty close to Hutto and within a short drive – even a bicycle ride, if you can adjust to the heat – from almost anything you’d want to do in Austin. The neighborhood is mostly small houses, not too many apartment complexes. There’s been a ton of construction in Austin since I left, a lot of it along 183 and 290 and further north. If you’d like to trade a shorter ride to work for a newer part of town, where you would in fact need to drive everywhere, there should be be numerous choices still within Austin proper in that direction, more or less. I’ve been back to Austin a few times, but my experience of these areas (like Arboretum) is limited to driving through it quickly. I have no idea what it’s like to live there.

I used to live way out on MLK (Farm-to-Market Road 969, actually) and I really like that area. There’s been a lot of construction there the last decade also. I don’t have any memories of Round Rock or Pflugerville, but I’d rather live in Austin and have 10 more minutes of commute.

Good luck, I loved it there.


South Austin is more down to earth and affordable. Close to Townlake and downtown. Hope you like music 'cause they’ve got the best music scene around.
And events. SXSW, Austin City Limits Festival, Austin Film Festival.