CEO of CBS accused of groping women

Add another name to the long list


He admitted to at least one of these incidents

Another friend of Bill and Hillary turns out to be a slime ball to go along with Jeff Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. Surprise, surprise, surprise

Oh puh leeze. Slime has no political color.

So true!

With Weinstein!

With Epstein

Moonves may have been a friend of theirs in the past. But now that he’s been accused of sexual harassment, he’ll have to join the Republican Party so he can keep his job.

Why is crap like this even newsworthy?


Jim’s Son, you know that this isn’t the place for political potshots. This is an official Warning.

And no more political potshots from anyone else, either.

Well, I guess this is a good time to buy stock in both Acme Tar and Amalgamated Feathers.

Shari Redstone has been planning to merge CBS and Viacom but Moonves has opposed this. So what does that mean for that? Will CBS continue to oppose the merger? (The Hollywood Reporter said that CBS suggested that Redstone was behind the accusations.