CEO of McDonald's dies of heart attack at 60

And USA Today’s runs photo of him holding up an order of large fries.

His last words were apparently:

“I’ll take the value meal, please. Oh, and can you supersize the irony? Thanks.”

Robot Devil: “Ah, how delightfully ironic.”

Bender: “It’s not ironic, it’s just mean.”

Right, because it’s the eeeeeeevil McDonald’s corporate bigwigs forcing people to stuff their faces with heart-attack-inducing foods. Except that that’s not even remotely true.

So shut up, ShibbOleth.

Rest in peace, Mr. Cantalupo.

Saturated burgers? Saturated with what? I mean, what, other than saturated fat.

And to pick a nit, that’s a medium-sized order of fries.

Oh, please. :rolleyes:

The OP is pointing out that USA Today ran a rather unfortunate photo, and I agree. It uintentionally in “iffy” taste ( I won’t say “bad” taste, just “iffy”). The paper may have unintentionally editorialized his death. Particularly in light of all the weird “evil McDonald’s made me obese” lawsuits and stupid hooplah that went on last year.

The new CEO is just 43, and he started working at McDonalds as a line cook at the age of 15. Say’s something about all those “deadend” McJobs, eh?