Certified Pre-Owned Cars opinions wanted


Looking for a car and never had any experience with a certified pre-owned. (CPO) Probably a 2010 Prius with 30-50k miles. I get the basic theory that the brand OEM provides some extended warranty, the dealer covers an extensive checklist, and the buyer pays a premium for this comfort level.

Dopers with experience, what say you? Good deal, bad deal, depends, would/wouldn’t recommend, tried it and liked it or any other relevant thoughts.

(Thanks in advance)

Just for comparison sake-

CPO 2010 Toyota Prius II (Two) – 36-45k miles - $17,900-$18,900

NEW 2013 Toyota Prius Two - $20,701 (TrueCar.com)

You get a longer powertrain warranty with the CPO. But for about $2k more, you get a car that’s three years newer, has zero miles and a full new car warranty.

A lot of CPO prices are fixed or only slightly negotiable, unlike new car prices!

It used to be that the best way (at least financially) to buy a car was to buy a late model used car, but I don’t think that is as true as it was. This is especially true when you are paying a premium for a CPO.

Good to know. I eventually need to replace my '02 CRV and have no idea where to start.

Although I had great luck with my certified 4Runner, there were a couple of issues that I wish I had thought of before driving off, Check the service record to make sure you don’t need a $300 service in the next 3000 miles. Also, check that all the accessories (jack, spare tire, cargo net, etc) are there and in good condition before you drive away. You don’t want to have a flat and find out you’re missing part of your jack set.

I had good luck with MBZ CPO program in the 90’s and 00’s.

I purchased 3 E class diesels (not popular at the time) and the CPO saved me $1,000’s on electronic gizmo’s that would start having issues.

MBZ CPO lasted to year 6 and 100K miles, IIRC.

I have a 2000 Toyota Echo CPO.
I really got a golden egg on this car.
11 years later, the only problem is the mechanics jacked up my clutch “fixing” it.
Otherwise she still drives like a dream and gets 32+ MPG.