Chaaaaaarge! ...but how?

Is it just me? I have a gazillion things that need charging on a regular basis. Cellphones, rechargeable batteries, toothbrush base, …okay. Not a gazillion, but recharging each of them requires an outlet and I have a lot more electrical things than I have outlets. In addition to the stuff that needs to be recharged there is a cat fountain, the phone, the Dustbuster, the clock.

So I bought this power strip, thinking Aha, this will be the dedicated power strip for all things rechargeable, and I can unplug it when I need to plug in the iron (which is practically never since I don’t particularly mind being wrinkled. Well I mind it for my skin but not for my clothes. In fact the more wrinkles in the clothes the better, because it will distract from the wrinkles on my face…but I digress).

However, due to the nature of the design of the plugs, they don’t all fit. There’s enough outlets on the power strip, but once I plug in my cellphone and my husband’s cell phone there is only one left. And everything has to be plugged in a certain way–obviously I am not a technical person but there is one fat prong and one skinny one and they will only fit in one orientation–so that the toothbrush base won’t even go into the one outlet that’s left.

At first I thought, Aha (see I have a lot of Aha moments), a problem in need of a solution. I will solve this problem by commissioning a power strip with the outlets facing vertically, so you can plug an unlimited number of whatever these things are. The black boxes that connect to the chargers. I can advertise them on late-night TV with an 800 number. I will get rich!

Then I figured either (1) I am the only person in America with this problem, or one of very few, or (2) someone else has perceived this problem and solved it.

So, dopers, which is it?

If the problem has not been solved and this gives anybody ideas and they make a gazillion bucks, please remember where you got the idea. :cool:

I have nothing useful to say… but I had a very amusing image of the “cat fountain” in my head before I figured out to what you were referring.

They do have power strips like that.

Here is one.

These don’t solve all problems though because some chargers, like the one for my cell phone, are too wide.

For that, they have these doohickies.

Also something like this would work.

hajario done took all my answers.

All right. I kind of like the one with all the colors–that’s neat. (ooooh, colors!) But the other two look like a spider and an octopus and I don’t like eight-limbed creatures.

So back to the drawing board. Something neater, more compact, with some kind of slots to keep the cellphones, toothbrush base, etc. from sliding around or getting knocked off the table…I may make my fortunet on late-night TV with an 800 number yet…

Here’s what you all want.