Chain Link Fence Repair

I’ve got several places where dogs can get under my chain link fence. The fencing curls up a few inches from the ground.

Do they sell a special pin or stake that will tie the fencing down?

I could jury rig something. But if there’s a product engineered for the problem I rather use that.

How did you fix your chainlink fencing?

Putting this in GQ because there may be a specific product and answer.

I’m guessing the problem is dead center between two posts? I had this happen at my old house and I tried tying it down and other things, but the only thing that really worked permanently was adding another post in the middle. Kind of a pain in the ass but it worked. YMMV.

My issue is in the middle too. Fence sort of sags there.

Upon re-reading the OP, I noticed you said there are **several **places where the fence bends up. In that case I would recommend installing tension wire along the bottom of the entire fence. It’s designed to prevent exactly the problem you’re experiencing.

It sags from the top?

Tension wire! That sounds like it’ll work. :wink: thanks!

No the sag is on the bottom. One place, a gardener I hired pulled up the fencing to cut out some fence hedge. A couple other places are just old. Fence was built in the 1950’s.

The tension wire should do it. If you can get enough tension on it. If the fence is curling up, it is now stretched. I would augment it at the places that the dogs are getting through with stakes driven into the ground. You can buy rebar in 2 foot lengths. Wire the fence and tension wire to the rebar that is driven into the ground.

I have found tent pegs will pull the tension wire or the chain link to the ground. They are very hard to pull out.

You can pick up a bag at walmart or a sporting goods store

My BIL bought extra tension bars, cuts them in half with bolt cutters and hammers them into the ground at trouble spots along the fence and around their storage shed, which is built on pier blocks and high enough for one of their dogs to get under.