Chairman of the Travis County (Austin, TX) Republican Party Protests Trump

More breaking news on the ongoing garbage fire that is the Republican party in Texas– Robert Morrow, the chairman of the Republican party of Travis County (the county which contains most of Austin) showed up to a recent Trump event. To protest. He was wearing a jester’s costume.

A little bit of background on this jester’s costume. Morrow wore the same three-pointed jester’s hat to his first official meeting, a move which he claimed was deeply symbolic.

Morrow then gave a forty-minute speech filled with wild conspiracy theories, and ignored several attempts to shush him because he was over the time limit, and, you know, saying crazy things.

It was not long before the party moved to strip Morrow of his access to the organization’s money and social media accounts, due in part to a string of tweets which, due to their content, was only reported in full in Esquire. But here’s a sample of how his tweets went over.

Back to the Trump event. Morrow carried a large red sign with white letters that read, “TRUMP IS A CHILD RAPIST.”

Morrow plans to run for president as a write-in candidate. He has filed all the necessary paperwork. He told passers-by about his platform:

His running mate is his handyman.

The Republican Party is moving to remove him as chairman of the Travis County GOP. It seems that state law doesn’t allow the chairperson of a political party to run for political office. Of course, Morrow thinks it’s because he showed up to protest the Trump rally.

In the end, it’s hard to argue with the way Morrow describes himself:

Hard to argue with that!

So someone that is clearly of his base core of support (anti-establishment tinfoil hatted nutjobs) is against him? Huh. Gosh if Trump cannot rely on them for support who can he rely on?

To be fair, the Travis County Republican party has long been the “special” child of the Republican party in the state, with most of the conservative parts of the Austin area not being in Travis County.

Sounds like he’s doing his part to Keep Austin Weird.

…and, he’s out!

I feel like the author of that article can barely contain themselves!

Are Travis county conservatives crazier than San Antonio nutjobs? Lots and lots of trump bumper stickers in the Alamo city… Ugh

I used to live in Austin. I’m glad I moved away before it flushed itself down the toilet.

There is a reason that the rest of Texas refers to the city as The People’s Republic Of Austin. And there is a reason why the town motto is Keep Austin Weird. There are very few Republicans in Austin. The vast majority are RINOs.

It is a liberal shitstain on the state.

If the zombie apocalypse started in Houston, how long would it take for anyone to notice?

And even fewer True Scotsmen, I’ll wager…

Now, now, the lack of traffic at I-45 and the Beltway would be a pretty strong clue.

Sounds like someone from Houston… Yuck

Austin = only livable city in Texas (low density conservative nut jobs, I wish it was zero density but it’s freaking texas…)

Huh. And here I thought I was the only Republican in Travis County.

Finally, a candidate I can vote for! :stuck_out_tongue: