Challenge us with a non-famous line from a movie

“I couldn’t stop the wind from blowing and the air from being as clear as crystal . . . and I couldn’t hide the mountain.”

Was this on TCM yesterday, by any chance?

The Princess Bride

Unfortunately, much as I’d like to, I don’t get TCM, so I don’t know. I’ve seen the movie before, though, more than once. This line simply strikes me as wonderfully absurd. Kind of like a mother calling her kid a son of a bitch.

In the movie I’m thinking of, Robbie the Robot was planting electrodes in the brains of VIPs at the behest of a supercomputer that had acquired intelligence and wanted to rule the world. . The son of the head scientist was being held hostage on board a rocket that was being readied for launch. They made it into space, and the kid charmed Robbie into doing no more evil. (He eventually rebelled against the supercomputer and trashed it.)

Some plot, eh?


“You guys live here?”
“Yeah, but only between gigs. So that means we’ve been here this time, what, five years?”
“Oh, yeah, but like, okay, you know, our agent, you know, like, he says, I mean, like, things are really going to break as soon as we get our new glossies.”

The Invisible Boy, starring Richard Eyer (The Genie from Seventh Voyage of Sinbad) in the title role.

“Tomorrow’s another day.”
“Yeah, but it might be worse!”

I don’t remember the name of the movie, so it’s sufficient to name the actor and/or character (famous for his malaprops), and the series this line is from:

“I hear you’re holdin’ one of my boys hostess.”

“Some fun, hey, kid?”

I was thinking of a different movie, but that quote is:

“Time of your life, huh kid?”

  • When I talk to the police I get nervous.

  • Yes. You know who doesn’t?

  • Who?

  • Thieves.

“Sir, you’ve gone mad with power”

“Of course I have. Have you ever tried going mad without power. It’s boring. No-one listens to you.”

“You think these machines are a match for me? I will shatter them like the bones from a fallen-- oh. They are stairs.”

"Mediocrities everywhere… I absolve you… I absolve you… I absolve you… I absolve you…

I absolve you all."

Amadeus, final line

“It’s… a blur. Not complete amnesia. I remember Sister Mary Margaret puking in church… and Betsy saying it was morning sickness. And the time I forgot to wear my underpants to school… and the name of the boy who noticed was Ricky Friedburg. He’s dead now.”

Comes in colors pink and pleasant
Glows in the dark 'cause it’s iridescent
Take him with you when you travel far

Catwoman, in BATMAN RETURNS.

“Why don’t you abuse your kids? Poison the well? Flog bats‽ As long as you get on television and talk about it afterwards. You know I’m right, don’t you?”