How can you get 88 from 50, 7, 6, 5, 3 and 3 with +, -, / and *? The first one who gets it right gets a prize.

50 + (76) + 5 - (33)

50 + 42 + 5 - 9

97 - 9


I refuse to do math until I know what the prize is.


Hey, you’re not asking the Straight Dopers to do your homework for you, now are you?

I thought you lost your password, Little Rock-et? BratMan do you know this person?

I have a feeling this is supposed to be one of those where you have to use each number, but only one.

In which case the answer is (and using each function once each):

{(50 x 6) / 3} - (7 + 5)
{300 / 3} - 12
{100} - 12

What’s my prize?

You didn’t say you could use (). Can you?

() aren’t a function, they’re an order. Or something… Just a way of grouping.

You should simplify. Does each number/operation have to be used once? Only once? Are () legal? What is this mysterious mystery prize of mystery? Why do I care?
I shy away from math, I have too much in my calculus course already.

Now for the real challenge. Can anyone guess which former poster(s) Little Rock-et is?

I just got through with a grueling Differential Equations quiz… Kindly screw off. :slight_smile:

DiffEQ? Let me know when you take a hard math class.

And UncleBeer - BB’sT?

GMTA, Anth. Yep, that’s my guess too.

Get 88 from 50,7,6,5,3,3 use each number once. Symbols are +, -, /, *. Use ONLY those symbolos. The pattern is number, symbol, number. I figured it out. Did you?

I found out who it was in an email I got this morning from TubaDiva. It seems Anthracite and Silver Fire got it right. And before anyone jumps me for not knowing about this, I just want to remind everyone that we no longer live together, I don’t keep a leash on her, and I do not consider myself responsible for her actions.

That said, I am somewhat disappointed in Uncle Beer. If you know someone is breaking the rules, why not just have them banned and get it over with? We’ve all seen how ugly troll hunts can get around here.

I didn’t say I thought DiffEQ was hard, I just don’t ENJOY taking unnecassarily long quizes…

Yes, yes, sockpuppet, schmockpuppet! I just wanna know if I got it right!

Rocketman, perchance?.. what next,

dare I say it…