Championship hats...from the losers perspective

At the end of championship games in many sports you see the winning team put on the hat/shirt proclaiming them champion of the NCAA, NFL,etc, etc… These probably weren’t printed five minutes before they handed out and one hopes that the printers aren’t in with a crime organization capable of fixing the game so these items were in all likelihood printed well in advance. Again presuming that printers don’t know the outcome ahead of time, they must have printed appropriate items for both teams. So where can I get a hat proclaiming that the New York Yankees are the World Series Champs of 2001?

I promise that I would purchase this for personal use and not for shameless commercial pursuits!!! Really I will!!

You are right, they make them, but they almost never sell them. Often the manufacturer will give them to international charities. Occasionally some will leak out and be for sale by shady folks. There’s no official avenues for obtaining them. Try eBay.

IIRC from the last time the local team lost the Superbowl, some victory shirts/hats are pre-printed and others are printed just after the game. Most incorrect pre-printed ones are destroyed. A few may leak out, but they’d be serious collector’s items and probably very expensive.

there is a certain sport store next to fenway who has boxes and boxes of shirts that proclaim that the red sox won the series.

i saw it in a documentary. i would dearly love to buy a few.

that is a bunch of inventory upon which the store took a bit of a loss.

A lot of the shirts apparently end up over in Africa and other 3rd world parts of the world, where the shirts are either given away or are sold on the very, very cheap.

Somewhere in Africa there is a guy walking around with a cap proudly proclaiming that the New York Yankees are the 2001 World Series champs. We did this great humanitarian thing by selling them cheap clothing items because presumably his country is desprately poor, but did we mention to him that if he sticks that hat on E-bay its worth what he and his entire tribe will make in a year? I’m guessing that they left out that little detail.

I saw a picture once of a Palestinian wearing a “Buffalo Bills Super Bowl XXV Champions” t-shirt.

A former girlfriend was in the Peace Corp in Africa. She sent me a picture of her with some of the locals. A couple of the children were wearing t-shirts that proclaimed the Seattle SuperSonics as the 1977 NBA champions. The Sonics lost the 77 NBA Championship series to the Washington Bullets. They did win the championship in 78 though. She said the t-shirts came from a charitable organization and were free to the locals.