Chance of an advanced civilization 'missing' Nuke fission?

This is more for people ‘in the know’ about nuclear physics and have a good understanding (given present humak knowleage), and assuming there are other advanced societies, what is the chance you would give it that they would bypass nuke fission in their development? Perhaps going right to fusion or antimatter or monopoles.

(why I asked this is I was watching a show about UFO’s, and how they seem to visit cow pastures and nuke plants, I can understand wanting a good steak, but the nuke plants has me wondering that ‘they’ might not have that tech, but would like to know if it is a practical assumption)

I’d say that the chances of that are infinitesimal. They wouldn’t advance very far in chemistry and physics before discovering radioactive elements and neutron induced fission. It’s possible that they wouldn’t use it for power generation, limiting its use to research and special applications like medicine.

Where do you think they are cooking those steaks?

Well if they found a better source of energy… and one that leaves less radioactive garbage I guess they might not bother with nuclear power. The wheel would seem a natural “development” but was barely used by the old Empires in Central and South America.