Chance of Survival

Fair warning, the link/video could be described as disturbing to view:
My question: Is it a foregone conclusion that the guy is dead after falling?

2). Falling from a cruise ship like that, would you be pushed into the propellers of the ship by the wake or the force of the current put forward by the water displaced by the boat?

  1. (Obviously redundant if the answer to 1) is no) How would one survive/ what would/could one do to survive if they found themselves off a cruise ship somewhere in the ocean?

He will easily survive for a matter of minutes. Propellers are not much of a hazard - they are well below the surface, and he is well to the side of the ship’s centerline.

The only chance of long-term survival is to be found and rescued. If he had some sort of light or noisemaker (whistle?) it could improve his chance a lot. But realistically, his chances are very low.

Survival would depend on many factors:

Which ocean… Pacific would be a lot better than Antarctic or North Atlantic.

Whether anyone saw you fall.

How soon the crew knew and whether someone was sharp enough to note the position.

Many others including but not limited to: Your health and fitness, your ability to swim, the weather, the time of day/night, sharks… etc.

Water Temperature is another biggie - in cold water, you lose use of fingers within 5 minutes.

i suspect arms and legs follow.

Maybe, if you have presence of mind (if you had that, you wouldn’t be in the water, would you?), you would roll over onto your back and maybe keep your face above water.