Change of Booking with hotel directly or expedia

We are going to vacation in Mexico (in a nod to another thread yes we are beach people and can’t wait to get out of cold weather). I booked directly with the hotel several months. I just found a cheaper rate on expedia and emailed the resort to ask if they would honor the price difference. They have not responded. So, do I cancel the hotel reservation and book with expedia directly? Anyone have any thoughts? It is around a $350 price change so it is not insignificant. Thanks.

If you can cancel and book, then do it - just check to see what the cancellation fees may be.

From Expedia’s site - Best Price Guarantee

It looks like Expedia’s price match guarantee is only good for 24 hours after you book.

Also see their page about cancellations.

The resort I work for doesn’t match prices. There are reasons for that which I can’t get into. That being said, they should have responded to your email! Sheesh. (We also can’t touch your third-party reservation without the third party in question contacting us. This is the same if you have a regular travel agent, it’s just that communicating with agents is usually a lot easier than with the call center folks.)

Don’t forget to check the hotel’s cancellation policy before cancelling with them if you decide to. Just because you’re going to rebook doesn’t mean that it won’t come into play.

Hotels set aside a certain number of rooms for Expedia to sell. Expedia then can charge what ever it likes for those rooms. You pay Expedia and they pay the hotel.

So you DO need to cancel through the hotel. The hotel is unlikely to honor the Expedia rate. This is due to revenue management, they want to see from what source each reservation is coming from.