Changing Apple ID on Iphone 5S

OK, here’s the situation. My wife just bought my daughter’s old Iphone 5S from her, my daughter having upgraded to a new Iphone. My wife is having a terrible problem getting the phone operational. It’s asking her to sign in with an Apple ID. Now clearly she doesn’t want to use our daughter’s (the thought of both phones being linked is, to say the least, not a pleasing one to our 20-year old daughter!).

So how does my wife get round this and create a new account for herself without interfering with or destroying the one our daughter uses? We’ve tried googling this but the information is confusing and I’m not sure it applies to starting a new account without deleting the other one. I’d be grateful for any help at all.

You need to wipe the phone.
If you don’t, any apps that your daughter bought will be forever asking for her AppleID (apps belong to the ID that downloaded them).
Just follow these instructions:

To just sign-in go to Preferences->iCloud, scroll all the way to the bottom, then click “sign out.” You can then sign in with your wife’s credentials.

However, as noted above, the apps on the phone will still be registered to the old account, so it’s easier to just wipe the phone and start fresh if your daughter doesn’t want to give out her credentials.

Neither of these steps will delete your daughter’s account on HER phone or the cloud, it’ll just get rid of it from your wife’s phone.