Changing cookie recipe to brownie recipe?

OK, I want to back a Tollhouse brownie. I have a Tollhouse cookie recipe, can I change a few ingredients and make brownies instead? (I tried just using the cookie recipe and the edges got too crisp.)

I don’t see why not… It sounds pretty much like a chocolate chip blondie recipe. Your best bet might be to look up a handful of brownie/blondie recipes to see how to tweak the wet vs. dry ingredient ratios, though, as I don’t rightly recall how the two differ all that much (I do know that I once tried to turn a brownie recipe into a cookie recipe without changing a whole lot, and it ended in fudgey disaster).

I’ve done this before. I urge great caution before going down this path. :smiley:

You don’t have to change a thing. Take your Tollhouse dough and smooth it into a 9 x 13 pan. Bake like brownies. You may have to experiment with baking time.


They are called Marble Squares when you bake them like a brownie…at least, that was the official name on the chocolate chip bag. There is a slight difference in the recipe…which is the baking time and I do mine in a 9x13 sometimes instead of the 11x15 the pan variation calls for. 20-25 minutes at 375’.