Changing electronic media

We had a skills tape made of our daughter playing volleyball, to send to college coaches. Actually, it’s a CD. We can’t see it on our computer, and a couple of coaches have said they can’t, either. We don’t have any problem copying it, and we can hear the audio, but no visual.

We have Windows 98, if that tells you anything.

I’m wondering if there’s any way to copy this to a VHS tape, or if there might be a simple way to fix the problem. I know I’m not giving you a whole lot of info here, but I really don’t know any more about why it doesn’t show up. One coach mentioned she thought it was a security thing, but that’s all I can tell you.

And yes, I realize this shows me up as a computer user who doesn’t know anything about what she’s using. Sorry.

How was the cd first made?

Can you see the filename on the computer? (can you see anything on the cd when you browse to it in windows explorer)

If so what is the extension? (the bit after the dot, usually 3 letters)

It’s possible that your computer doesn’t have the correct codec (unseen software that decodes the movie data) try the divx codec.

It might include it’s own player, but once it’s installed all other players can use the codec.

Thank you for your help. The movie was created by a third party from a Sony camera. The file is an MPEG file. Yes we can see the name and the filetype through Explorer.

We have downloaded the DivX software and when we attempt to open the file, it states the file is not a valid MP4 or AVI file. When we attempt to open the file through the Windows Media Player, it does try to load some codec’s before we get the audio portion only. On most of the PC’s, it plays fine. I don’t know if the age of the PC has anything to do it or with the version of some of the Microsoft standard dll’s. We have Windows 98 version 1 which has caused some problems with some of the other software we have purchased.