Channel Awesome

One of my several daughters got me addicted to the Nostalgia Critic on YouTube. I recently discovered that they are not headquartered in Naperville, IL, but in Lombard, with the residential scenes filmed in a house six blocks from us. The main studio is right behind Toys ‘r’ Us, in that taxable netherland between Downers Grove and our fair town.

Another daughter said, “So that’s why I keep seeing (a character) at Furry Bowling.” Neither she nor he are Furries, but enjoy their company, like I just love gay guys because they are The Fun Crowd.

Be that as it may be, the first daughter I mentioned loves these people and did set painting in high school. Their sets tend to be virtual and she’s officially disabled, and a bit retarded, by her epilepsy, but she thinks it would be totally cool to work with them. How would we approach them? She’s probably willing to work as an intern (free) for the reflected glory, and I’m perfectly happy to wait, coffee in my hand, and maybe hang out with the Cinema Snob to play “Who’s snarkier?”

All I know is that I’ve noticed intern turnover a lot. But none of the interns seemed unhappy with their job, so I assume they mostly just got real jobs or something.

I also know they take auditions for their Gameshow, though, I don’t know how well your daughter would do on that.

And, what may I ask is Furry Bowling? Is it not a sort of party? It would seem to me that that might be a time for her to just talk to that person. I do notice they often bring in their friends to do stuff.

But I’m not anyone who has any experience with this. But I’m a CA fan, and I noticed you hadn’t gotten any replies.

I’ve been a Channel Awesome fan for a few years now, though I rarely check out the newer reviewers. I’m a regular follower of the Cinema Snob, Todd in the Shadows, Nash, Kyle Kallgren (who’s no longer with them), and Leon Thomas. Nostalgia Critic himself is a lot more hit and miss for me, so I don’t keep up with him as closely.

If your daughter want to work as an intern, I suppose she should approach it as she would any job. They’re a company with, so contact them and see if they have any openings, then send a resume. That’s what I would do.

Furry bowling, man, that’s great. I love stuff like that.

Um, the description is on the label, I fear, though I try to not judge. :eek: Wrong twin, though we could enlist her in the networking effort.

I just meant, is it a bowling alley specifically for Furries, a furry night at the local bowling place, or something else?

I just wondered if it was a situation where networking was a good idea, or if it was a bunch of separate groups of people. Like, would the (other) twin be butting in, or would talking to them be normal?

I think it’s the second, but I try to not know too much about it. It’s better that way.