Chantix--stop smoking. But, stay alert!

I’ve searched for threads about posters using the drug Chantix to help them quit smoking. It works amazingly well for some. For some, it made them dream weird dreams.

But it seems there are bad problems for some users.

The FAA just banned it for pilots, even though there have been instances of users last year doing things that have endangered their lives. Drug linked to traffic mishaps

I’m not trying to convince anyone to give it up, but to just be aware of the dangers.

And here I thought we have an SDMB member named Chantix.

My username used to be varenicline, but I didn’t like the buzz it created.

I haven’t taken Chantix, so can’t say what it is like but I was able to quit smoking, and a heavy smoking habit of over 30 years, taking zyban, also known as bupropion. I haven’t noticed any of the stated side effects for that either, most notably dry mouth, which I was dreading–except I never got it. I was able to make my quit date, and haven’t smoked since; it’s been 21 days now. Woo hoo! :slight_smile:

I tried Zyban to quit smoking back in 2000. Doctor missed the memo about it being contraindicated for people prone to anxiety. Had my first full blown panic attack on the freeway to work. Barely managed to throw on the emergency lights and pull off the freeway, while swerving all over. Never mind I felt like I was dying, I almost killed myself and took a few people with me anyway.

Not all drugs works so well with everyone.

Oh, and now my anxiety attacks occur more frequently and I smoke more than ever. Once you have a really bad panic attack, it makes you even more susceptible to future ones. Took me two years before I didn’t have to mentally fight off panic attacks all day, every day.

Well, thankfully, Chantix worked well for my boyfriend. He’s been completely smoke free and chantix free for about a month now. No real side effects either and he had smoked for at least 20 years!

I took Chantix and other than funky dreams and some emotional reactions(I was VERY quick tempered, easy to set off for a couple of days), didn’t notice anything.

I’ve read the news, and what I tell people when they ask me about it is:

"It worked for me. If you want to try it, have a serious, open conversation with your doctor about any emotional issues you’ve had in the past. If you do start taking it, be very aware of any drastic changes - and inform those close to you to watch for the same. "

I’m no longer a Chantix proselytizer extraordinaire, but I do know that I’m glad I took it - and I know people who took it and had it not work for them.

Dude, I had the exact same reaction to Welbutrin, which is similar to Zyban. Right down to having the panic attack in the car.

My doctor nudged me towards Chantix and I said no way, I am not taking any more drugs for quitting smoking. I didn’t even want to put up with weird dreams.

I did Nicoderm CQ patches and so far they’ve been working well. I am very obviously still addicted to nicotine (I get cravings when I have no patch on) but I am also very obviously not addicted to smoking cigarettes anymore, which I think is more than half the battle.

Patches do give you weird dreams and/or mess with your sleep schedule. But you have the option of not wearing them at night (which I don’t) and that makes the weirdness go away.

It’s been over a month for me woohoo! Congrats to you too, tarragon918!

YAY, **ZipperJJ **and tarragon918! You go!

After failing to quit cold turkey the last time I tried, I’m at it again, but this time I’ve been on Wellbutrin for the last 12 days or so. The last 12 hours (my first 12 smoke-free) have been a rollercoaster of emotion though. I sent hubby to the store with all my cash to buy lots of mints, hoping that might help and I wouldn’t have the money to buy cigs. I’ve been gobbling down cinnamon altoids like they’re uppers. I may be a teensy bit touchy atm as well.

I thought about trying Chantix and if Wellbutrin doesn’t work this time, I just might. But at least I’m not in the dumps anymore. :slight_smile:

Chantix rocks! I’m now 14 months cigarette free and 10 months Chantix free. All I did was follow the directions on the package for the first eight weeks. The second eight weeks I cut down to 1/2 dose (one pill per day). No problems at all. I had previously tried to quit and failed using gum, patch, lozenges, Zyban and cold turkey, among other tricks.

The only side effect I noticed with Chantix was that some dreams were unusually vivid, but they were all pleasant dreams of childhood and long-departed grandparents, so even that wasn’t bad.

I’ve used Chantix with success so long as I keep taking it. Since my insurance only pays a pittance towards it, it’s very cost prohibitive for me. My first round with Chantix resulted in not smoking for about six weeks but since my husband still smokes, it was too easy for me to say, “Mind if I have one of your smokes?” and before I knew it, I was up to almost a pack a day habit once again. We can’t afford for both of us to be on the medication, unfortunately. Doctors, the media, the government and random strangers all bitch at us smokers to quit and here’s a medication that seems to help but our insurance only covers a tiny portion of the cost. There’s something sadly ironic about an insurance company (or an employer who negotiates the insurance contract) that won’t cover a preventative medication.

The only side effects I’ve noticed have been odd dreams. Oh, and in my case, I have to take my dosage with a full glass of water or else I’ll be wanting to vomit in about 10 minutes.

You talk like the disclaimer on a commercial. :smiley:

Not to hijack the thread, but off and on I have seen ads pasted on lamposts that claim some sort of laser therapy that will make you get rid of smoking in an hour. What’s the deal there? I can’t imagine how laser can be used to cure something that is a mental addiction.

The laser welds your mouth shut. :slight_smile:

I was sooo gonna say that. :wink:

Hey, I wouldn’t want anyone to come after me. Not that there are any kind of deep pockets in my life. :wink:

People still gots nostrils, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was a smokeless (Copenhagen) tobacco person and tried Chantix. I took it for about 2 weeks, but it was definitely making me feel very weird. I really can’t think of another description. Just made feel plain weird.

I quit taking it after two weeks and have not had any Copenhagen for over a month. I occasionally still get the craving but nothing major.

I also know several people at work who have used it and no one has had any crazy side effects.

They have talked about the “vivid dreams” but it never happened to me.

Welcome, E=I*R! And, well done on quitting tobacco. It’s really inspiring to hear about people who have quit. I’ve just past 48 hours and it’s getting a little easier. I feel pretty good about it too. No regrets this time. :slight_smile:

Darn close to what I came to post. I’ve now been smoke free for right at 8 months, after smoking for over 30 years. I did put on right at 7 pounds that just do not want to go away, but I lost the nasty cough and I feel great!

I do miss the dreams, I never had a bad one. Truthfully, for me, if I could afford the extra 120$ a month, I’d stay on Chantix just for the good sleep and great dreams.

I suppose it just works differently for some.