Character who spent several years of childhood possessed by a demon?

I was watching one of the Sleepy Hollow episodes I was behind on this week, and the sister being possessed by a demon summoned up the faintest of memories of something else…

I seem to remember some sort of character - could be from a book, movie, or comic, I have no idea - who was a youngish man who had spent several years of his childhood or adolescence possessed by a demon. The term “ridden” might have been used or maybe that was another story.

He got better, though. As an adult he was demon-free, and…I don’t know, helping someone hunt demons? Maybe.

Ring any bells for anyone else?

Graphic novel for Constantine?

It strikes me as a graphic novel plot for some reason. I never got into them but we have a friend who reads several of them, and it is just sort of tickling a memory of a discussion of graphic novels vs regular novels. Perhaps one from the mid 90s? I suppose it could also be a Japanese Manga turned into anime?

Not what the OP is looking for specifically, but Ilyana Rasputin in the X-Men comics was literally possessed by a demon…she was kidnapped by the demon Belasco at age 8 and spent 7 years growing up in his home dimension, Limbo.

There was an early RPG for the PS2 where the main character a boy allowed a demon to possess him instead of his sister, it had a kind of “Tim Burton” art style.

One of the Amytiville Horror mo0vies, perhaps?

Here’s a list of demonic possession in movies. Any sound familiar?

In the early seasons of Angel there was a character named Doyle who was half demon and helped Angel hunt demons.

Doyle wasn’t possessed, though. Whatever I’m thinking of wasn’t someone living with demons (also in Angel, ftr, and sort of Rob Thurman’s Cal books) but possessed.

And I’ve only seen the movie version of Constantine, which doesn’t have anyone who’d been possessed as a kid working with him.

I’m beginning to wonder if it was a description of a book, or a dream.