Characters dying of thirst: why do they always slop their water everywhere?

Seems like any time a character on TV or in the movies is crawling through the desert about to die from dehydration, when they finally get some small quantity of water (possibly the last they’ll see for quite some time) they drink it in such a way that over half of it spills all over the ground? Can someone shoot these directors, please?


It never fails to happen. I have NEVER seen a person in dire need of water that actually drinks it carefully!

Hey, some of us need bibs and sippy cups even when we’re not dying of thirst…

Damn straight.

What really kills me though is when they’re lost in the ocean…there’s water everywhere and they don’t drink it. Idiots. Don’t they know the poem? Water, water, everywhere, so let’s all have a drink.

I hope you’re being sarcastic. Seawater is the worst stuff you can drink if dehydrated. The salt content will make it worse. You are better off drinking nothing.

Considering that he’s quoting The Simpsons, I think that’s a safe bet.

My problem is I take people seriously when I shouldn’t.

Yea, Bear Griylls is dehydrating in the desert, and even he let half the urine from his snakeskin bladder runneth over. I don’t think he was serious about hydrating…

Well, how else are they supposed to show you that they’re really really really really really really thirsty? :o

Just once, I’d like someone to have an Appalachin’ barbecue and invite Bear Grylls over for some Grilled Bear…

Snake Bladder Piss takin’

Dude got stung by a bee on the forehead, has an allergic reaction, swells up, and ends up looking like a demon… he kills a snake, eats it, and uses its skin as a canteen for his piss. I think I know where the mythology of desert demons comes from.

This was me watching Heroes…

spoiler, just in case:

:eek: Agh, why is he wasting the water?!! UR DOING IT WRONG, PARKMAN! :eek:

That is EXACTLY what prompted me to post this thread (yes, I’m behind, watching on TiVo). I was thinking “Shit, not you TOO?? Why can’t any of you get it right???”

Bear Grylls Grills Bear

I’m up to S3E2 Is that in a later episode??

I always just figured that they are so desperate to get to the water, they don’t have time to stop and drink it carefully. That, or possible loss of motor control due to their dehydration.

It should take some pretty serious loss of motor control to fail at something so easy as cupping your mouth around something. It is actually harder to drink by pouring from a distance.

What gets me most is when the liquid has been given by another person. How peeved must that person be to see his or her precious resource poured around but not in the mouth of the person they have so kindly donated that resource to.

Obligatory Chevy Chase link.

This is why comedy is a good thing.

He did the same with a coconut’s milk; half of it ran down his face and chest. Nice for the beefcake photos, not so nice for believability.