Characters Named After The Calendar

Wednesday Addams.

Thursday Next, from Jasper Fforde’s novels.

April May June, from an episode of Married With Children.

(Aunt) May Parker, from Spider-Man.

May Day, from the Bond flick A View To A Kill.

January Moore, from Brian K. Vaughan’s Ex Machina comics.

Friday, from Robinson Crusoe.

King Friday, from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Joe Friday from Dragnet.

Prince Tuesday from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Who else? Any more “month” names? Not counting any characters named Octavius or Augustus; that’s cheating.

January Wayne, the protagonist of Jacqueline Susann’s “Once is Not Enough”

The daughter of surrogate mother Mary Beth Whitehead was named Tuesday Whitehead.

I know, silly high school stuff, but the female lead character in Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones is named July. They changed it in the movie to Julie, but in the book she said she was named for the month.

April, May, and June were the names of Daisy Duck’s nieces … not very popular or successful, but trying to set up a female counter to Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Dr. Cal Meacham?

Never mind…

Friday Jones, in Robert Heinlein’s novel Friday.

Wasn’t there a movie called His Girl Friday?

I suppose Hi Flagston’s neighbor “Thirsty” Thurston isn’t close enough.

In the early part pf Gypsy, the sister act was Baby June and Baby Louise.

Not a character but surely author Julian Gregory belongs in this thread.

Mr. Wednesday from Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

Herb Edelman played a character named Joey January in an episode of “Charlie’s Angels.”

July Johnson in Return To Lonesome Dove

There was also a July in the book version of Annie, for basically the same reason if I recall correctly. But then it’s been over 20 years ago so I may be remembering the details wrong.

Not to mention Lonesome Dove.

The Britcom May to December featured a main character named Alec Calendar.

“The Off-Beats”, a series of cartoon shorts that appeared from time to time on Nickelodeon, had a character named August, with a dog named September.

If you count seasons, Summer Moore, daughter of Les & Lisa in Funky Winklebeam.

June Cleaver

The March Family in Little Women

May Wellend or Weiland (Oh, come on Self. It’s a classic book that was made into a movie with Winona Rider and Michelle Pfeiffer, as the Countess Olenska. May’s fiance’ was Archer and there was an eccentric, fat aunt. This is ridiculous…why can’t I come up with the title of this book?) Is is The Age of Innocence?

The March Hare
The January Man

I know, those last two shouldn’t count.

Guy Montag from Fahrenheit 451

The crew of the Sol Bianca, in the anime of the same name, are Janny, Feb, April, May, and June.

Author Susan Sontag

Yes, but that wasn’t the title character’s name.