Characters who've been inoculated against stupidity (spoilers likely)

Somewhat more obscure, but this scene in Red Dwarf pokes fun at it:

Lister: Why don’t we scrape away this mortar here, slide one of these bricks out, then using a rope weaved from strands of this hessian, rip up a kind of a pulley system so that when a guard comes in, using it as a trip wire, gets laid out, and we put Rimmer in the guard’s uniform, he leads us out, we steal some swords, and fight our way back to the ‘bug.’
Kryten: Or we could use the teleporter.

Harriet in Dorothy Sayer’s Gaudy Night.

She gets a phone call asking her to come back to college by the back way, and she calls back to check the call was really from the head of the college. (Which it wasn’t.)

She did it because Lord Peter Wimsey had mentioned how idiotic thriller heroines usually were, too.

Oh, please. The guy was trying to KILL HIM. Only Kryptonians fighting mortals are obliged to use less than lethal force in such circumstances.

I doubt anyone would be able to retain their sanity long in a world populated entirely by Arnold Rimmer clones, so I think Lister gets a pass on that one. :wink:

Plus if you’re gonna shoot at someone, you want to aim for the center of mass to have the best chance at hitting him. If Indy had gone for a leg shot and missed, the opponent would have stopped all the fancy showoff stuff and tried to kill him ASAP.