What is the difference between the charge of assault, aggrivated assaulted,battery,aggrivated battery,robbery, aggrivated robbery, theft, and burglury?

I imagine the precise definitions vary from state to state. (and from country to country)

I’ll give it a shot

assault. Traditionally this means putting someone in apprehension you’re going to have offensive contact with them. “Assault and battery” is actually hitting them. However, these days people say assault to mean both. it can be anything from a touching (or spitting) to a full attack. Some states have degrees, like “Assault in the Second Degree.” Other states have things like “aggravated assault,” which I assume means a more serious attack, perhaps serious because the injuries are severe or a weapon was used.

Battery. Like I mentioned. Actually hitting someone. Aggravated battery, probably a more serious battery, based on severity of the injuries or the use of a weapon.

Robbery. Generally, taking something from another by the use or threatened use of force.

Aggravated robbery. Probably more serious based on actually using the force and hurting someone or more serious because of the amount taken or the use of a weapon.

Theft. Stealing something. Not necessarily from the person. (shoplifting, embezzlement, etc)

Burglary. Traditionally, breaking (or entering) into a residence with the intent to commit a crime inside. Not necessarily a property crime, could be a rape or something. Most often, it’s breaking into a house to steal stuff. I don’t think it has to be a residence anymore, and any building can be the venue for a burglary.

That’s all from memory, so I don’t have any cites.

There are many dictionaries online that provide approximate definitions. To try to define state by state would be an onerous exercise.