Charging my Cel Phone while talking on it.

I use a headset. There. I got that right out of the way.

When driving in the car, I talk and charge at the same time. It’s a Motorola…730? Something. A fairly new phone.

This is something so evil, so vexing, that I wonder if I am missing something basic. It is apparent to me that the phone discharges slightly faster than it can charge through the car charger cable. Net effect? It will die on me in the car.

Consistently, too. Anyone encountered this? It charges in a few hours on the desktop plug in charger, but in the car it slowly dies. Very distressing.

Thoughts? Solutions?


Perhaps driving faster will increse the amprage to your cigarette lighter. Actually, I’m guessing even though your car electrical system and your home base charger are both 12 volts, the home charger is probably a little higher of an amprage and thus charging faster. Also, how often are you charging this, it sounds like it might just be time to give in and buy a new battery.

You could buy an inverter for the car and plug your rapid charger into it. Or get an extended-life battery. I don’t think there’s anything you can do to make your current car charger charge faster.

Why? If you’re using it to avoid “frying your brain” with RF, you’re accomplishing the opposite. Those earbud things actually direct the RF into your ear canal. FWIW. And some studies have shown that cell users with handsfree are just as dangerous as those pressing the phone against their heads, because the issue is distraction rather than hand occupancy. No offense intended, just trying to disseminate that info. :slight_smile:

My Motorola v60i states in the documentation that you cannot talk and charge simultaneously. When talking, the battery does not charge.

That being said, unless the battery is 100% dead and you talk continuously from the very second you plug it in, it should never “die on you”. Do you mean to say that the phone actually stops working while plugged in, or just that the battery goes/remains dead? I’ve seen instances with my phone where it wouldn’t stay turned on after plugging it in with a totally dead battery, until I let it charge “a little”. And by a little, I mean very little - a minute or two.

If the phone actually quits working while plugged in, I’d say return the car charger as defective. Is it a gen-u-wine Motorola, or chinese knock-off from Ebay?

Any chance of borrowing someone else’s Mot car charger for a comparison?

Not unless something is seriously wrong with your car.

Um, what? That makes no sense. The earbud/headset and the wire leading to it are not part of the antenna. I’d like to see a cite.

I think the headset comment was to nip all the “hang up and drive” commentarry in the earbud.

I’m assuming you mean the Motorola T720 (or other model in the T7x0series).
I have one, and though they have an inch long socket on the bottom for contacts, the charger only uses the left 4 millimeters. It’s held in by two tiny metal latches, and is generally pretty free to move around. I’d wager that you’re unseating the plug in the phone and it’s simply not charging. I’ve plugged it in at home and had it not seat properly… so I wake up to a dead phone. I now check to confirm it has the little “Charging…” status before leaving it

Just reseat the plug on the phone periodically, or whenver you yank it around… it probably won’t be a problem.

When I had my previous phone, the Nokia 5165, I’d sometimes get it dying while plugged in. However, if I plugged it in as soon as I began talking, I got significantly more talk time out of it than I would otherwise, even if it eventually quit on me. With my current phone, a Nokia 6800, charging it while I talk on it will actually make the amount of charge in the battery increase, though more slowly than usual, so it’ll never die as long as it’s plugged in. I’ll note that I used different chargers with the phones - my current one’s supposed to be a special “rapid charger”.

No offense intended, but just because something isn’t intuitively obvious doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. At the frequencies cell phones use, RF energy tends to conduct along almost any path, especially one with copper wires in it.

Unfortunately all the hucksters selling fake radiation shields and such make this a difficult topic to google on. It also appears that the amount of radiation directed into your brain depends on how you position and use the device.

That could be the issue, but at least on my V60 the phone makes a definite audible alert when it makes or breaks the “charging” connection. You’d think the OP would wonder about all the beeping.

LOLOL. I own both items already !! I did consider using the Inverter to give me “a.c.” to charge the phone, instead of the cigarette lighter jack. I always use the Extended Life battery, I have the regular slim battery in my fanny pack, in case of dire emergency.

Yes. I’m that bad. :smiley:
tadc, it’s a real headset not an earbud. I do not know stats on RF damage, but I do know my hands are both on the cockamamie wheel. To answer your query, my cel phone actually says this when I am in this mode:

So, it is charging as I use it, not draining while I talk. The charge indicator actually is blinking as I talk. But, it doesn’t ever catch up.

joeyp? I had to laugh. Does this mean that if I back up all the way to New York City, the fully charged phone will die completely??? :smiley:

1001001101 ( or whatever your name is, my god… )- I thought that too, but I use a StickyPad from Radio Shack. The phone cannot shift or jiggle. It just lays there, corpulent and perfect. And, near-dead.

I don’t have a V60, and it makes no audible alert when the charging is broken. It does alert me when it’s fully charged. Then again, virtually all audible alerts have been silenced, I cannot afford to have my phone “talk” to me at all in a t.v. studio when we’re on air. It either vibrates to notify me, or alerts are cut and silenced.