charismatic mega-fauna and rhino ranching

Can we preserve charismatic mega-fauna in rhino ranches?

“Charismatic mega-fauna” – is that some oblique reference to the Tea Party?

That’d be RINO ranching.

Definition of Charismatic mega-fauna: large animal species with widespread popular appeal that environmental activists use to achieve conservation goals well beyond just those species

I imagine it’d be pretty tough to keep a polar bear on any sort of ranch.

If I might ask, from where did you get this definition?

He pretty much quoted the Wikipedia definition. I don’t really get the OP’s question, but he didn’t make up the term or the idea.

Flora the time beinga.

For a minute I wondered if it was a new type of Christian sect.

I didn’t think he had-I just wanted to know more about it.

My loose interpretation of the OP (which may well be wrong) is asking, can we just preserve the large, cool animals in ranches or zoos or something, thereby taking away that argument from preservation-types. I think it goes something like this:

PETA or the Green Party or whoever says we must preserve all of this land, feeding area, whatever, otherwise elephants, lions, etc., will disappear forever. The OP suggests preserving just the cool animals, and now we can exploit those lands for whatever purposes. It takes away from the Green Party or whoever their ability to use large, pretty animals to basically save whole areas. It will be more difficult to hold off development if we’re doing it to preserve some endangered slug or something.

I think that’s what the OP is about, but I’m not sure.

I’m still confused as to what the OP means by “rhino ranches”, though.

So am I. It’d help if he would explain the whole concept.

Sort of alluded to in this book review. Basically what it sounds like: a sanctuary for rhinos.

It could sit under a rhino for shade.

Well, of course it’s not an actual ranch, for production of meat. That would be ridiculous.

It’s more like a rodeo.

It’s in the Hidden Valley.

Rhino ranching refers to farming rhinos for their horns. Poaching is a big problem in Africa because of the false belief in some parts of the world that rhino horns are an aphrodisiac.

Now could you please unite the two terms into a coherent paragraph that puts across what you are trying to say?

Then I’d suggest flooding the market with counterfeit rhino-horn powder. Seriously, how expensive could it be to round up bone-meal from conventional slaughterhouses and pass it off as rhino-horn? It’s not like anybody is going to be killed or injured by the counterfeit (or at least not in greater numbers than those already killed or injured by the real thing - I assume it’s not zero, since snorting or injecting rhino horn or however it is administered sounds like a pretty dumb thing to do in the first place).