Charitable Giving

If I gave you $200 USD and told you that you must give 100 to charity and keep 100 for yourself - what charity would you give the money to and what would you do with the $100 you kept yourself? Which would you make more rewarding?

– I would just immediately assume you were phishing ignore you or tell you to bugger off. If I had time on my hands and was feeling particularly curmudgeonly I might even report you to whomever seemed the appropriate authority.

I would give the $100 to the Alberta Motor Association Foundation for Traffic Safety, a charity that is working towards decreasing vehicle collisions. I’d take the $100 for me and go shopping.

This time of year, I might just drop a Benjamin in the kettle for the Salvation Army outside local stores. They do good work, plus it would be an anonymous donation, so I don’t get on any mailing lists.

My half would be saved for my next casino run, where I’d use it to buy in at a blackjack or three card poker table.

I’d probably donate to the Human Rights Campaign.

I’d spend the $100 on books. Both would be rewarding.

I’d donate the $100 to the local Humane Society.

I’d use the $100 to get things off my Amazon wish list, mostly books, but probably a couple cd’s as well.

The charity giving would be more rewarding, but I’d enjoy the things I bought for myself too.

I knew I liked you for a reason. :wink: I give them a monthly contribution, as well.

For a drop in the bucket, though, I imagine I’d donate to one of the local missions here in LA to help feed the homeless. The money for myself would likely be put toward a future trip or some nice baseball tickets for the upcoming season. Both would be very rewarding in their own ways.

I’d donate to a Peace Corps Partnership program, since with that you can know 100% of your funds goes to use on a program that is truly needed by the community. Maybe I’d put it towards this Life Skills Teacher Training Program in Togo, since I helped run a very similar program and it was very successful. Really, Peace Corps Partnership is an awesome program.

For myself? I’d probably spend it travelling.

I’d give the money to our local Safe-T-City program. It’s been around for decades, me and my five sisters all went through it, I’ve put two of my sons through it, and have one yet to send. It’s completely free and always seems to be teetering on the edge of budget cuts.

My $100 would probably go toward a new (used) couch for the basement. The kids have a playroom down there and the futon is all beat to hell and back.

My life is so exciting.

The first $100 would go to the St. Andrews Episcopal Pantry here in Portland.

As would the second.

Hope House in Memphis:

The other would go toward car repairs. I don’t know that this would be more rewarding, but it would certainly make my life a lot easier to not worry every time I go out that I might not make it home in my own car.

I have a few favourite charities so my answer would depend on my mood, but most likely I would give the $100 to the University of Alberta Hospital Foundation - I’ve been a patient there enough times that I like helping them out. The $100 for me would also depend on my mood, but it is entirely possible I would just stick it in my wallet for general use rather than buy something special.

I’d donate the $100 to PFLAG and the second $100 would go to buy me patio furniture.

Local food pantry for the first $100 - don’t know about the second. Assuming there were no restrictions beyond “it’s yours to do as you like with”, probably it would go to the local no-kill-shelter.

Probably donate to the Heifer Project. Might toss the second hundred that way too.

If I spent it on me, I have way more than a hundred dollars worth of wish lists with respect to knitting supplies, most of which are pretty low priority which is why I haven’t spent my money on them yet. I can buy yarn faster than I can knit it.

I’d give the $100 to the Pittsburgh Public theater. The money goes towards putting on the productions and to providing $15 tickets to those under 26, a program I use often and will contribute to when I’m in my 30’s. Pittsburgh has many flaws in city government and its infrastructure (painfully obvious with the latest water main breakage), but the arts community is smart and thinks realistically: if you get people (namely college students) into the theater when they’re young, from 18-26, then they’ll consider it an indispensable part of their lives, and will become regular theatergoers for life. Right now they’re doing matching to 50%, so the $100 would go even further.

Why not to a foodbank or somesuch? Because - IMHO - it’s more important to provide people a reason to live.

$100 to the Humane Society and $100 to Half Price Books.

Very little makes me happier than a big fat happy stack of books.