Charles de Gaulle wanted French-Quebec to separate from Canada! What a hoser!

Another fascinating historical fact I never knew. Wonder if the Canadians are still sore about that?

Around the same time as de Gaulle was encouraging French-speaking Quebec to separate from Canada

So. So do most Canadians that I have met.

Fairly long while ago. I think they’ve somehow managed to get over it.

Chirac reminds me of an anal Charles de Gaulle (well, okay, more effeminately anal)

Both of them have harbored weapons of mass destruction within their nose hairs.

Bring to mind a joke.

three Canadians - a Newfie, a Quebecois and a West Coaster discover a magic lamp and the Genie decides to offer each of them a single wish.

The newfie goes first and wishes that there would be a recovery in the fishing shoals of the coast of Labrador.


The Quebecois goes next and wishes for a 100 foot plexiglass wall all around Quebec.


Finally the BC boy gets to make a wish. He thinks for a bit and then asks the genie if the wall around Quebec is very strong.


100 feet tall? Solid? Nothing could get through it? Not even water?

not a thing!

well… Fill’er up then.


djxiiiiiii, Why would you turn Quebec into another BC? :smiley:

Actually, I just popped in here, because the thread directly below this one was Things everyone else knew but you didn’t.