Charles Krauthammer - Hack

In Charles Krauthammer’s last opinion piece he wrote that Barack Obama and William Ayers sat on a board that shared a common cause. Today he wrote that Obama worked with Ayers distributing money. Yet he never mentions that the goal of their work was improving education. In fact, he never mentions anything about the nature of their work at all. Why? Because he is a deceiving, disingenous, and disgusting hack of a writer who leaves that important information out so the unknowledgeable are left to fill in the blanks with God knows what sort of nefarious ideas.

I hate Charles Fuckingkrauthammer. Fucking hack.

Did he happen to mention that the foundation was founded by “Ronald Reagan’s good friend” William Annenberg?

(Why do I even ask such silly questions?)

At least he’s not being inconsistent. He’s been doing this kind of thing ever since I’ve read him. BTW, I only read him to keep my blood pressure up.

Every time I see his byline I tell myself I’m not going to read his column. I always do though, because I usually find something to write to the Washington Post about. I hope to see my name in print one day.

Evertime I see him I think of Moe from The Simpsons. It’s hard to take him seriously. “Is Ima Homo here? Ima Homo?”

That’s the reason why I try to avoid reading his columns. I might often get annoyed with the opinions of other conservative pundits but there’s something about Krauthammer that’s so inherently irritating that it burrows underneath my skin and inflames every last nerve. And the fact this guy seems to have an opinion that’s diametrically opposite from mine on nearly *everything *(including non-political matters) is especially spooky. It’s almost like there’s was some sort of bizarre metaphysical experiment in which an anti-NDP was created.

As for the Obama/Ayers “controversy,” it’s just an attempt at neocon payback for the stuff that happened during the 60s. If there’s one thing right-wingers are good at it’s holding a grudge. I can’t imagine anybody below the age of 55 really giving a damn about this “issue.”

NDP, I’ve been watching and reading the likes of Hannity, O’Reilly, Krauthammer, et. al. since the late 1990’s. At that time, I would get much more than annoyed at their antics. If I had had a pistol at that time, I would have “Elvised” the TV on more that one occasion. I am completely immune to them now, and only tune in to them on occasion when I need a good laugh.

I know what some of you are thinking: “Elvised?” Go here: and look at the second gun if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

I don’t understand why TIME, etc. keep publishing Krauthammer’s columns. Conservatives are going to lump them in with the “librul media” anyway.

In 2005 he copied the Bush line that the Iraq occupation and the elections there caused democracy to flourish in other middle east nations like Lebanon and the Palestine area, and that was a vindication of the Bush doctrine.

When the Iraq war was the most likely cause that incited the people to vote for the extremists in Lebanon and Palestine and allowed them to win the elections and cause wars a few years later in those places, the Kraut never had second thoughts about his opinion AFAIK.

Krauthammer’s views are so shaded by pro-Israeli policy that it’s difficult to determine where his loyalties actually lie.

Blanket support for Israel on the one hand while we are beholden to countries like Saudi Arabia on the other is a huge reason why “they hate us”.

Our foreign policy re: the Middle East is truly fucked up. There really isn’t any vital US interest that is served by our blank-check military propping up of Israel.

Don’t get me wrong, the old meme about them “having a right to exist” still holds true, but I think we have given them enough by now in order to defend themselves.

This “shining example of democracy in the Middle East” is a sham, because we prop it up with a shitload of money. Arab nations see that, and, hating Israel, hate us by proxy.

It’s a no-win for us. We need to rethink that whole deal. What does Israel do for us? Fuck, they spy on us as it is.

Seems like the friendly thing to do would be for unrepentant violent radical Ayers to just get it over with and repent already, even if he’s done it already, and even if he doesn’t mean it. That would take the wind out of a whole lot of sails.

But I can’t abide Krauthammer. If he’s a journalist, then a rotten gorilla scrotum is a Fendi handbag.

He gets an awful lot of ink for his ideas in the mainstream press. As far as I know the MSM does not have someone with contrary opinions who given quite as prominent a podium. And he is never challenged on any of the talk shows he is on.

He’s a lying piece of shit. I remember when Israel started building the barrier wall, he wrote a completely disingenuous article saying he just couldn’t understand opposition to the wall. After all, we build walls all the time, like noise barriers between highways and neighborhoods. He never once mentioned that many people opposed the wall because of the *route *it took. Whether you are for or against the barrier wall, any intellectually honest person would think the route is at least relevant to the discussion. It was a blatant lie to convince people that the Palestinians couldn’t possibly be construed to have any legitimate grievance against the wall.

I can read George Will. He doesn’t write like he pledged his soul to Satan. But Krauthammer is a shitstain.

I’ve never even needed to hammer my kraut anyway. A fork works fine for me.

Ahh. But do you pound your puddin’? :stuck_out_tongue:

There you have it. I stopped reading Krauthammer’s columns ages ago for precisely this reason. It’s fine to have a bias but being a one-issue hack carries the risk of being dismissed as, well, a one-issue hack. It could be interesting, in a train wreck way, how things filtered through his monomania. His contorted logic and sometimes outright denial (“I don’t like this so it doesn’t exist!”) can be pieces of art in themselves. But after a while I just found Krauthammer tiresome.

Hannity, O’Reilly, and other right-wing radio ranters (Limbaugh, Savage, Levin, et al.,) are annoying but I’ve never gotten to the point of wanting to “Elvisize” my radio or TV mainly because I know their audience consists of perpetually outraged people who need a steady supply of raw meat tossed to them. Krauthammer is different because, as a print columnist, he comes across as supposedly more sober and analytical. Thus, inexplicably, when I approach his columns, I give his opinions more weight.

Krauthammer’s viewpoint is not just pro-Israeli, it’s pro-Likud. And if you even slightly disagree with him, you’re obviously either an anti-Semite (if you’re not Jewish) or a self-loathing Jew (if you are).