Charles Mingus tourography

Okay, I made that last word up. But I’m having trouble finding an online resource that lists all the wheres and whens of Charles Mingus’ performances.

If you search for “mingus tour” or “mingus performances” you get the current Mingus Big Band, but I’m interested in the man’s prehumous career.

Maybe one doesn’t exist. If Charles had been in the Grateful Dead, I’m sure it would. Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Is there a general resource or method of finding these things, ie. the touring life of a highly-regarded jazz musician?

Not a peep? Ah well (grumble grumble, buncha rubes).

Okay, well I change the topic of the thread to: Mingus vs. Batman, who wins?
Alternately, write your best limerick using the word “Mingus”. Go.

*Batman was fighting with Mingus,
who promptly hit him in the dingus.

The jazz man terrified him,
the bat’s fingers were smashed on a whim.

And now Batman won’t jam with wingnuts.
Ehh, it’s a near rhyme, right? Either way, Mingus wins easily through a delicate combination of musical genius and pure white hot rage.

Sorry, I really don’t have any good advice. Mingus played a lot, and wasn’t always the band leader. A listing of recordings would be easy to come by, which is really what the Grateful Dead list would be.

Fair attempt. Extra points for combining the two challenges.

The word I’m looking for is “cunnilingus”.