Charleston SC - brewery advice needed

Calling all Charleston SC experts!!

I’ll be in Charleston in November for work. A colleague and I have decided to take an afternoon to visit some breweries/brew pubs in (what Google Maps labels) the Nomo and Wagener Terrace neighborhoods.

I have some logistical questions.

We’d like to visit some or all of these, which seem to be clustered along Rt 26:
Cooper River
Edmund’s Oast

We won’t have a car. If we got a lyft/uber/taxi to one of the breweries, how walkable is the neighborhood - would it be totally weird for us to walk from brewery to brewery? We don’t mind walking, and do so all the time, but Google street view doesn’t show the most walk-friendly landscape.

It’s conceivable that we could lyft from place to place, but that will be less convenient than walking IF the neighborhood is walkable.

What say you all?

One tiny bump, since I’ll be there next week

I would plan on “barely walkable at all”. “Rt 26” is actually I-26, an interstate highway. You might be able to walk from Cooper River brewing to Edward’s Oust, Google shows it as 14 minutes, but the others are a 30 minute plus walk through areas not designed for walking. I’m not real familiar with those neighborhoods beyond what I have seen from the interstate, but you would be walking through some very densely populated areas with little to no sidewalks. I’d plan on Uber/Lyft.

The previous post nailed it. That is not really walkable. Also, you need to visit Frothy Beard.