Charter Subscription expiry

I received this as an email today:

Dear Cicero,

Your access to the paid subscription “Custom Title Charter Subscription” is about to expire.

To renew this subscription you must visit

If you do not extend your subscription you will revert to Guest status. As a Guest you’ll be shown banner advertising and will lose some of the privileges of your current membership status. (My emphasis.)

All the best,
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I hope this message- the last sentence at least is incorrect. My Charter title is due to expire but my Charter membership is paid up until 2014. Hopefully this is only an admin glitch, but I would certainly hope that I don’t have to keep extending my Custom Title to remain a Charter Member (which is paid for separately).

It’s the same message for everything.

And yes, you are correct, your custom title expires soon but your Charter Membership is in full force until 2014.

Thanks Tuba Diva.

may I say how much I like your custom title? first time it got a “what?! when did that happen?” then I got it and smiled.