Chase sapphire reserve annual fee

I have the new Chase Sapphire Reserve card, but they haven’t hit me with the annual fee yet. Does anybody know when it is supposed to kick in?

I’ve seen at least one person get it applied on the first billing statement:

That sounds about right. I have had many Chase cards and they don’t usually hit you with an annual fee the second you get the card. I don’t know if that is based on some consumer protection law or if it is just good marketing. The Chase Sapphire Reserve card has a $450 annual fee and they don’t want people to get buyer’s remorse and cancel it right away. It is better to let people use it for a while, forget about the annual fee and then slap it on.

Even with an annual fee that high, it can be well worth it to some people. You get a $300 travel credit every year, access to airport lounges and a 100,000 mile signup bonus. I may get one myself soon because the rewards are worth a lot more that $450 the first year at least.

My father in law has it too and they haven’t hit him with it yet. If it is applied on Jan1, I’ll cancel it next month. i’m tempted to call Chase and ask…

I recently got that card, and yes, it appeared on the first billing statement.

The good thing is they reimburse for the Global Entry fee ($100), and I received $300 travel credit, plus the 100,000 miles bonus.

It was well worth the fee.

I’m seriously considering this card, even though I already have some other expensive AF cards. I hear the $300 travel credit works on Metrocards. That’s three months of free subways!

Have any of you got the metal card yet? They were out of stock when I got mine, so I’ve just got a normal plastic one for now.

Fee hit on my second billing statement. So about 30-40 days after being approved.

Still no metal card for me yet either. Though I think I read they have the material back in stock and should be sending out the new cards soon.

They just hit me with it. It was a nice idea whIle it lasted…

The annual fee is charged on the first day of the month following the month when your card is approved. For many people this will be on the first statement, but for some it will be on the second statement.

Thanks for answering the question! I just got the card. Mine is metal AF ;).